Join @JohnKingCountry for a Country Music #CMchat Twitterview 3/2

On Monday, March 2nd, we will be excitedly tweeting “Tonight Tonight!” because that will be the night that Black River recording artist, John King, will join Jessica Northey and Country Music #CMchat for a Twitterview. John will be sending his new single “On Your Lips” to radio on the same day, and we can’t wait to help him celebrate the release of his new single.

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The easiest way to participate is right here on our website! Just use this link to help segregate the tweets and show the ones with #CMchat in them: it makes the Twitterview much easier to follow. You’ll be able to see the conversation in real-time, at your own speed (it’s adjustable) and the #CMchat hashtag will automatically appear on your tweets. A lot of people also participate by using, Tweetdeck, &/or Hootsuite.

Watch John King’s “Tonight Tonight” lyric video


John King grew up in a world of hard labor, building his muscles and character through construction work. However, he wasn’t only raised on rocks; he was raised rocking to music. His parents introduced him to a variety of artists and genres, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, AC/DC, and The Black Crowes. However, when country music started making huge strides in the 1990s, spearheaded by the likes of Garth Brooks, John found himself awestruck. John began playing guitar, realizing he had a special knack for the instrument and learning some of his favorite tunes. It was when he started altering those songs to make them his own when he realized he had the ability to write, as well. John found himself a role as the lead singer of a band, and continued to grow as an artist, ultimately choosing to pursue a music degree at the University of Georgia (“UGA”). While studying at UGA, John was offered opportunities to open for award-winning artists; all without the assistance of a booking agent. Gaining national exposure during these runs, John caught the attention of Black River’s Vice President A&R, eventually signing a publishing deal and, later, a record deal. Though he worked for some time without a booking agent, that is no longer the case, as John is also now signed to renowned agency, William Morris Endeavor. John released his first single “Tonight Tonight” to radio and is on the brink of releasing his next, “On Your Lips.” In the near future, John will be releasing his debut album under Black River Entertainment.

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