12 Life Lessons from Johnny Lee’s New Album

If you’re not familiar with traditional country music singer Johnny Lee let me just shed a little light on this icon. I remember first hearing him blaring through my television speakers as the movie Urban Cowboy played. The song was catchy and we all knew it had much truth to it — we’re all looking for love but we’re also “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…too many faces.”

We’ve got dreams of discovering another heart who’s looking for the same thing we are, love. It was then I realized this guy would be around for a while, a true icon, a legend. Lee worked 10 years with Mickey Gilley, on tour and at Gilley’s club in Pasadena, Texas which is also where Urban Cowboy was filmed. Much like Lee’s first single, “Lookin’ For Love,” there are many life lessons found within his new album, You Ain’t Never Been To Texas. Each of the 12 songs holds a truth within the lyrics, and if you take a close listen you’ll want to take them to heart.

1. Lonesome Love List

Don’t put someone on your “when you’re lonesome love list.” People deserve to have a top spot in your life, don’t just love ‘em and leave ‘em. Or just love ‘em when you’re lonesome because that’s hurtful to them, and in the long run you’ll miss out on something great.

2. What’s Forever For

Don’t throw love away and lose your mind. Try to keep your love alive, stay together, there is glory in living and loving and staying together.” Make forever mean something again. In our culture these days there are so many people who don’t try to make things work.

3. Who’s Left, Who’s Right

Don’t try to figure everything out or always try to be right. We are all trying to find our way, “no matter our hair color, the color of our skin, our flaws, we should all try to get along, don’t hold a grudge and leave it to a higher power to judge.”

4. Deep Water

When you start to care for someone you end up in deep water, they may want a romance, but you want love and it makes you restless, it makes you feel like you’re “helpless in love and true deep water.”

5. Never Been To Texas

It’s not an accident we are here, God created us, the heavens, the sunsets, all the beautiful things around us is his artistry and all we have to do is wake up, look out, and realize that everything is created by him, we’re here because of him, and for his specific purposes.

6. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Life has its ups and downs, we must take the bad times with the good. The best thing that can ever happen to anyone is to put your faith and hope in God above. He’s the best thing that can ever happen to you.

7. Good  Lovin’ Woman Bad

Good lovin’ women are something every man should have. If you find a good lovin’ woman keep her, because she will be one in a million and love you forever.

8. Wish I Could Love That Way Again

The first love and first heartbreak won’t ever heal and you’ll never love that way again.

9. 2 Steps From The Blues

No matter how hard you try in a relationship sometimes the other persons “promises prove to be untrue,” and it makes you feel like a fool. In the long run if you stay in that relationship it will keep you “two steps from the blues.”

10. Who Did You Love

We have to love others while we are here. We have to give more than we take. We have to hold people in our heart when their world is dark and cold, even if we are put down we must love in return, the old and the blind, the helpless, we have to give light to in this dark and cold world. We must forgive when we are betrayed, and pray for even the ones who betray us. When it comes time for judgment day…”who did you love?”

11. Bullets First

Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t try to take away someone’s guns. In the long run both would be bad decisions for obvious reasons.

12. Worth Watching

We all have a choice in this life, a choice to create many memories along the way with people, faces and places. Each of us creating different memories along the way on this fast road of life, we have to find a way to slow it down and enjoy each moment so that when our “life flashes before our eyes, it’ll be worth watching.”

You can pre-order Johnny Lee’s You Ain’t Ever Been To Texas at iTunes.

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