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We recently introduced our readers to country music rising star Jordyn Stoddard on a much deeper level than ever before. Now, Jordyn further introduces herself, and all her beautiful layers, to the country music industry by virtue of her debut full-length album Southern Tide, scheduled for a March 9th release.

An eleven-track offering, that originally was capped at ten — until Jordyn heard the Eric Paslay and Matt Nolen-penned “Like Me ‘Til You Love Me,” — Jordyn embraces the fact that she is a young, blossoming artist, while showing the integrity of a performer far beyond her years. The project is filled with lessons about life, love, loss, and finding the courage to overcome the adversity and rise above it all.

Southern Tide contains songs that were written by some of Nashville’s finest, including, but not limited to, the aforementioned Paslay, Dallas Davidson and Hillary Lindsey, while also integrating songs co-written by Jordyn herself. From the catchy lead single and first track on the album to the stripped down final cut, a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks cover, listeners can read Jordyn like an open book; figuring out who she is, what moves her, what builds her, and what breaks her.

Songs such as the title track, “Politician,” and “Sixteen” are youthful, reflecting Jordyn’s Florida upbringing, cute and quirky personality, and recognizing the fact that she is still a teenager with a lot of life before her and tougher times ahead. The trio of age appropriate tunes metaphorically speaks to different facets of Jordyn’s life, whether it is based on style, love, or looking forward to look back.

Undeniable standouts on the album include the Fleetwood Mac cover of “Dreams,” “Heart First,” and “The Clown.” What makes “Dreams” so incredibly special is that in a recent Country Music’s #CMchat interview with Jordyn, she explained the influence Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac has had on her music. Even more than Jordyn’s beautiful vocals on the understated version of the song, the fact that this new artist had the opportunity to reinvent a track by her inspiration and can spend the duration of her career knowing that her first album includes a Stevie Nicks cover makes this a monumental Southern Tide moment.

“Heart First” is a cut laden with honesty, divulging to a guy that Jordyn is ready to go all in without thinking twice. Written by Ryan Griffin, Kim Paige, and Marti Lynn Dodson, the slow-tempo song showcases Jordyn’s strong, mature vocals and exudes a sense of confidence that is atypical of a teenager. Willing to risk the pain that might come with the fall, Jordyn admits to a readiness to jump in heart first, no longer having the patience to await someone else making the move.

My personal favorite track on the album is entitled “The Clown,” and is a heartstring tugger from the opening piano solo. Penned by the magical combination of Dallas Davidson, Hillary Lindsey, and James Slater, the song tells the story of how the world continues to turn and life moves on around you, even when your world seems to come to an unanticipated stop. In a moment of swallowing your pride and pretending like everything hasn’t crumbled at your feet, you do exactly what you think is the socially acceptable thing, and that is paint a smile on your face and create a facade of contentment. The breathtakingly heartbreaking first chorus goes:

Oh, the piano keeps playin’, nobody noticed the heart in the corner booth breakin’. Cell phones keep ringin’, glasses keep clinkin’, everyone laughin’, dancin’, and singin’; so she painted a smile on her face to cover the frown. In that room full of jokers and jesters, she was the clown.

Each chorus becomes more powerful as the song continues on; and Jordyn’s talent becomes more and more evident.

By the end of this second track of the project, Jordyn Stoddard’s world will change and her smile will be nothing short of genuine, because, no jokes or jest about it, only two songs into her album she already proves herself to be one of the most viable country up and comers in this circus we call the music industry. The other nine tracks serving as strong winds, making her Southern Tide a little higher — if that’s even possible.

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Jordyn Stoddard

Album and photo shoot art courtesy of Sara Kauss Photography; hair and makeup by Jessica Lindsay.

Full tracklist:

  1. Like Me `Til You Love Me (Eric Paslay, Matt Nolen, Chris Wallin)
  2. The Clown (Dallas Davidson, Hillary Lindsey, James Slater)
  3. Southern Tide (Hannah Ellis, Drew Baldridge, Aaron Eshuis)
  4. Heart First (Ryan Griffin, Kim Paige, Marti Lynn Dodson)
  5. Politician (Emily Weisband, Jeff Pardo, Molly Reed)
  6. No One Wins (Jaida Dreyer, Andrew Rollins, Cory Mayo)
  7. Burn Out Bright (Anna R. Owens, Mary Danna)
  8. Talk Like That (Nikki Setian, Samantha Setian, Mario Marchetti)
  9. Disasterpiece (Jordyn Stoddard (BMI), Ryan Viti (BMI), Christopher Myers (BMI))
  10. Sixteen (Jordyn Stoddard (BMI), Ryan Viti (BMI), Christopher Myers (BMI))
  11. Dreams (Stevie Nicks)

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