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Josh Thompson has a unique way of looking at his brand new EP – Change: The Lost Record, Volume One. “I call it the first second record that is coming out third,” Thompson told CMChatLive.com. While that line sounds like it took a bit of rehearsing, the singer says it just rolled off of his tongue. “Actually, I just made that up. I guess you could call it the songwriter in me,” he cracks.

Thompson has been sitting on the music since he left RCA a few years ago. “It’s the record that we took with us in 2011 when we left the label. I’ve just been waiting for the right time to put it out.” With it being titled Volume One, Thompson says there’s more coming. “I decided to split it up because it keeps more content out there, and with the way that people are buying more EP’s, we decided to do it that way.”

He admits he’s not the biggest fan of having to endure an 18-month lapse between records, and he knows his fans aren’t either.

“That’s what it’s all about. In today’s climate, you have to wait a year and a half for a record. That’s not what I like as a music fan. I want as much music as I can.”

The album strikes a definite traditional tone, as evidenced by “Over Me,” which he says was a blast to write. “It’s what I love about Country Music – a hook that we turned into a break up song. We had a lot of fun writing it, and I love the way it turned out.”
Another track that he says he definitely enjoyed crafting was “Work In The Mornin.” He joked that the song took a little bit of “studying.”

“There’s nothing like a party night knowing that you have nothing to do tomorrow. I think that’s when stuff gets broken and the cops show up. It’s a feel good song. I’ve had a lot of research into the craft, trying to go behind the scenes. It’s not easy.”

Change features a guest appearance by Thompson’s pal, Justin Moore on “Livin’ Like Hank.” He says the two have wanted to collaborate for a while.

“We’ve talked about doing a record together. But, we never looked too hard for a song. I wrote this about three in the morning on the bus, sent it to him the next day, and he loved it. We went into the studio and had a blast. We met each other a few years ago. We love to hunt and fish, and we love Country Music.”

The title track was one that Thompson admitted hit home a bit.

“I guess it’s autobiographical, and you can also view it as a way of looking at society and seeing how things change – and how you change as you get older. It was the perfect title for the record, one of my favorite songs I’ve written.”

One thing about the singer that he doesn’t anticipate changing is his love of the Green Bay Packers. “I believe in the green and gold,” he says excitedly. “Over Thanksgiving, we’re going to be in Wisconsin, and I’m going to try to take the band to the Packers-Bears game at Lambeau.” Does Thompson believe that The Bears are still the team’s biggest rival? “You know, it’s gone back and forth. It was the Vikings, and sometimes the Lions, but I think that Packers/Bears will always have that special feeling or rivalry. I don’t want to say hatred. That’s a little steep.”

The devotion that his fellow “Cheeseheads” feel toward names like Starr, Favre, and Rodgers is a tough emotion to explain, he says. But it’s definitely real.

“There’s something in the air that is infectious. It’s like the stadium breathes on its’ own. They are very die-hard fans. Anybody that goes shirtless in December for a football game is A) Drunk, but also B) a huge Packers fan. The stadium is filled with people like that.”

More so than his devotion to the pigskin, Thompson admits that his first passion remains songwriting.

“I love it. It’s one of the constants in my life. I guess you could call it therapeutic. I’m not running right if I’m not writing songs. I really do have a great time with it.”

He’s currently watching as Joe Nichols climbs the charts with his “Freaks Like Me,” of which he says:

“This is kind of a two-fold celebration. It’s my first outside single on another artist. I’ve always loved Joe, and think he’s a phenomenal singer. I’m thrilled to death about it. When we walked out of our deal last year, I wanted to concentrate on writing, and now, I’ve got a single out. I love that. It’s been a time of buckling down and putting effort into writing songs. I’m so excited to see this climb the chart. I think he crushed it vocally. I was sitting around with Monty Criswell and Lynn Hutton, and we were going through titles. We landed on this one, and we wrote it. We knew it was special right away. Joe and his camp fell in love with it, and I’m glad they did!”

Pick up Change: The Lost Record, Volume One by Josh Thompson at iTunes.


Author: Chuck Dauphin

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