Concert Review: Josh Thompson in Medina, OH

Saturday, October 17th was a blessed day for country music at the Thirsty Cowboy in Medina, Ohio. While some fans spent time prior to the concert sharing stories and experiences of prior concerts, other fans line-danced to pass the time in a more energized fashion. All were anxious to claim their spot for Josh Thompson and opening act Haley Georgia.

Haley Georgia (2)

Georgia got the concert off to a great start. She is a mashup of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood with a dash of Gretchen Wilson thrown in. Leading off with original songs “Cigarette Smoke” and “Cowboy’s Dream” she then moved on to “Prom Night,” which was my favorite.

Georgia likes her country more than most! She proved that by covering Florida Georgia Line’s “Round Here,” which happens to be my ultimate car song. I blast it with the windows down and the radio up to cover my tone-deaf voice, but Haley, she loved it as I kept singing along when she put the mic right towards me. You could hear me for miles and Georgia’s warm smile gave me the confidence like I was actually an accomplished country singer. I couldn’t get enough of Haley Georgia, she was incredible.

Georgia left the stage with such grace and poise that even an experienced artist like Josh Thompson was going to have to prove himself.

Josh Thompson (2)

Thompson rolled onto the stage with his go-to getup of a ball cap, boots, and jeans. He started off with “I’ve Always Been Me” to get the fans going as he threw his extra picks into the audience. While engaged, it wasn’t until Thompson sang “Cold Beer With Your Name On It” that fans really got into it. People were trying to get as close as they could to him, and who could blame them!

Thompson had the crowd on its feet and singing “Way Out Here.” That song was his biggest crowd pleaser and Thompson stopped singing so he could hear his fans. He was indulging in us as we were giving him our enthusiastic best. Thompson was a beautiful sight and one I’ll never forget.

The atmosphere at the Thirsty Cowboy is unlike any other over in Northeast Ohio with fans sticking around after the concert to line dance, ride the mechanical bull, or play pool. I am interested in following Haley Georgia’s career based on her strong live performance, I believe her future is bright. As for Josh Thompson, he’ll always be a favorite and one that will always put on a great show. These two artists produced a one concert fans will want to see again.

Author: Cassie Lynn Wells

I believe in the power of music and the magic of words. The host of "Cassie's Kick-ass Country" podcast. US Army Soldier. Ohio raised, but my heart's in Nashville. Reba McEntire brought me to country music and it's where I found my passion.

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