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Inspiration for a song may come in the most unlikely of places, or it may be as close as the tip of your nose, as was the case, literally, for JT Hodges. His new single, entitled “Ray Bans,” was inspired by the beloved brand of sunglasses and the country crooner’s wife.

The song premiered exclusively to People.com and speaking with the publication, Hodges spilled the details of the track and a pair of sunglasses he lost while on a cruise with his wife.

I’d had a new pair of sunglasses [while writing] because I actually lost that pair on that cruise. . . . They [co-writers Bart Butler and Aaron Goodvin] were commenting about how they liked them, so I told the story. They were like, “Wow, if she was the girl that got away, at least she’d have those Ray-Bans to remember you by.” We loved that idea and so we wrote the song.

The track is instantly infectious, the music and lyrics providing the perfect soundtrack for a short-lived summer romance. With it’s catchy lyrics and musicianship, “Ray Bans” is the quintessential ode to summer love, whether its lost, found or just plain fun.

In addition to “Ray Bans” Hodges also released a new EP, entitled Locks On Doors. In a note to his fans, Hodges writes about the EP and its timing:

One of the phrases you always hear in the music business is, “It’s all about timing.” One’s definition of success happens overnight for some and over years for others, but it all happens when it’s supposed to happen. I believe that whole-heartedly. . . . That’s what this new music represents, my friends: timing. This is why I’m excited for all of my fans out there to hear it. I love you guys with all my heart and I look forward to experiencing something new in this adventure with ya in #JT2015.

Learn more about Lock on Doors here!

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