[email protected] Premieres “Already High” Video on @CMT (Watch!)

JT Hodges recently released his latest single “Already High,” and now he is also premiering the music video for this ode to a woman’s love. “Already High,” written by JT and Kevin Griffin (the lead singer of Better Than Ezra), is a song about foregoing the substances that can lead to an unclear mind and lack of control, in exchange for a woman whose love has the same effects.

The video depicts a musician who is making his way around a party, sharing hugs, slapping fives, and snapping selfies. However, you never once see the singer/guitarist pick up a drink. “Why?” you may ask. Quite simply, he is in love with a woman whose presence in his life gets him high, and he needn’t imbibe alcohol (or anything else for that matter) to achieve similar results. The chorus explains:

Don’t need Johnnie Red or Don Julio, tell that Marlboro Man he can keep his smokes. ‘Cause I don’t need that drag or that eighty proof, I ain’t gonna lie, I’m already high, I’m already high on you. Yeah I’m feelin’ alright, I’m already high, I’m already high on you.

While perusing the scene for familiar faces, JT stops and engages in a performance, playing the guitar, singing into an old microphone, and pumping up other partygoers. As he leaves his gig at the event, the woman who intoxicates him rolls up to gather her man and the two ride off into the night. The video is simple, yet accurately portrays the message JT seeks to share — you can attend a party and have a great time without the need for anything but a natural high.

Check out JT Hodges’ new video for “Already High” below:

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