There’s an Unreleased @JustinColeMoore & @MirandaLambert Duet?!

Country music’s blonde bomsbell, Miranda Lambert, and Justin Moore are having a bit of a reunion this tour. The pair also hit the road together last summer. Moore explained:

I don’t think anyone has toured as much with Miranda as me. We’ve been on five or six tours together. We enjoyed doing our own headlining tour last year and had some success with that, and we were gearing up to do that again this year. Then she asked if I wanted to [team up]. She’s one of a very small group of people who I’m willing to go out with.

So, we know the two singers tour well together….but they also SING well together. Lambert joined Moore on the weeping duet “Old Habits” on his latest album, 2013’s Off the Beaten Path. Mind blown? Yeah, ME TOO. But apparently because the artists are on separate labels, it’s made it a little more difficult for the song to see light.

I’d love nothing more for the opportunity for that song to be a single. But there’s backroom stuff that the fans don’t really care to hear about that make it at least challenging to do that. 

Sounds like a buzz kill, but Moore remains optimistic. “You never know in this business,” he says. “I wouldn’t say 100 percent it won’t happen.”

Nonetheless, Moore — who was named New Artist of the Year at last year’s Academy of Country Music Awards —  is busy working his latest single, “This Kind of Town,” the third from Off the Beaten Path. Previous Path releases “Point at You” and “Lettin’ the Night Roll” both went to Number 1. “It’d be nice to go three for three,” says Moore, comparing the new song to his breakout chart-topper, 2009’s “Small Town U.S.A.”

It’s like vintage us, if you will. This song is at the very core of what it is that I stand for, not only as an artist but as an individual. I love the song and the fans are digging it, and hopefully radio will like it too.

I know we aren’t the only ones crossing our fingers and toes that this song gets its time to shine!

Listen to Justin Moore’s and Miranda Lambert’s “Old Habits”

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