Is Kacey Musgraves Country Music’s Smartest and Most Down-to-Earth Songwriter?

Kacey Musgraves does not lack in the talent department. In fact, she’s got two shiny GRAMMYs and some CMA and ACM Awards to prove it. Not to mention the fact her songs are rich in relatability, while still maintaining those catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head all day, and sometimes, on occasion, all week. For me, that’s when you know the stuff you put out is just plain good. Couple that with her “do you” attitude and you’ve got the recipe for a songwriting powerhouse.

Of course, this hasn’t come without a little bit of drama. Kacey’s reputation has teetered on the edge of a Sassy McSass face and a stuck up witch. While the sassiness seems real, the stuck up witch certainly isn’t warranted. She has a fan base that is extremely dedicated to her every move; mostly due to her rawness and vulnerability she exhibits, which is also reflected in her music.

And now, Kacey has the grand daddy of all compliments coming from The Guardian. They’re saying she is the smartest and most down-to-earth songwriter out there. Bold statement, eh? But their reasoning is justified. Truly. She is turning the tables in the traditional realm of country music with her risky topics and unique approaches…that is not a small feat, my friends. Even more impressive? Her rockstar status in a male dominated genre singing about all things bro.

The Guardian had this to say:

The magic of Musgraves’ songwriting is that it doesn’t sell escapism. As she says in “Biscuits”: “We’ve all got dirty laundry hanging on the line.” Lyrics like that may seem cynical upon first glance, but such down-to-earth words feel compassionate too, don’t they? They point out common flaws in humanity, and in doing so they emphasise the freedom that comes from realising that nobody’s living a perfect life. For every anxious soul that’s a liberating message, and it makes Musgraves something of a soothsayer for the digital age. In many of her songs she heralds simply doing what you want, nothing more and nothing less. And she is taking intentional steps to make that message a real theme in her writing.

So, do you agree with their assessment of her being the smartest songwriter out there? I’m a believer.

Check out Kacey’s soon to be next massive hit “Biscuits”

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