“Thunder In The Rain” with Kane Brown

Just a small town boy with a low baritone vocal and one hell of a songwriting talent, Kane Brown was an overnight success.

His name swept through the internet waves like a tsunami. His debut single via Sony Records was released August 5th, 2016. “Thunder In The Rain” is a up-tempo track that is heavily dependent upon Brown’s charismatic vocals and seemingly witty lyrics. The track was co-written by Brown, Josh Hoge and Matthew McVaney. The three most certainly penned a hit.

“Thunder In The Rain” is a mixture of sweet, yet alluring lyrics that are displayed on this thunderous track. It has a pop feel to it, but the strum of the banjo brings some country flair. Best described as a romantic tune with some tendencies of lust, “Thunder In The Rain” is ultimately about two people who are obviously more than friends. It’s a song about desire, passion and even some intimacy.

“Your lips, your eyes don’t wanna let go. Your skin on mine, I’m losing control. Hear the rumble in your chest, feel the wind comin’ off your breath. Your curves ain’t slowin’ me down, ain’t nothin’ gonna stop us now,” are lyrics that can be seen as sultry and seductive. However, Brown reels it in with a rather sweet chorus, “You’re fire, I’m lightnin’, we’re burnin’ at the core. Fallin’ and crashin’, girl, we’re a perfect storm. Every time our hearts collide, I can feel our love come alive. It’s insane, baby, we’re like thunder in the rain.”

The track, however, isn’t solely mainstream. It’s rounded enough to be playable on country radio. It also stays true to Brown’s sound which will be highly welcomed by the eager fans known as “The Kane Train.” “Thunder In The Rain” could easily be a No. 1 hit for Kane Brown. Only time will tell.

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“Thunder In The Rain” is now available on iTunes.

Kane Brown Thunder In The Rain


Author: Brittany Vance

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