[email protected] Premieres #SorryAintEnough Video (Watch!)

Kasey Lansdale is a native Texan with country roots and a strong songwriting past, present, and future. Kasey also has a film, theater, and modeling background — all of which shine through in her new music video for “Sorry Ain’t Enough.”

“Sorry Ain’t Enough” is a song about a lying, cheating, no good dirty dog who has done a girl wrong. Of course, he doesn’t feel bad while he is in those moments; instead, it is only when he gets caught that he begins to grovel for his love’s attention … and forgiveness. And boy, does he go through some serious measures to win her affection back. We have door pounding, teddy bear and flower delivering, phone call obsessing, all to save face and try to right his unfixable wrong. However, it is clear from Kasey’s “Don’t Answer” contact entry in her phone to her disposal of said flowers that she isn’t hearing his excuses and wasting her time any longer. Good for her!

The sassy chorus lectures the wrongdoer:

try beggin’, try pleadin’, try gettin’ down on your knees. Bawling and squalling and crawling back; it’s gonna take a whole lot more than your lyin’,  your cryin’, what you’re sellin’ boy, I ain’t buyin’. You think a few little “dears” and a “baby, I was wrong” is gonna win back my love. You’re sorry, but sorry ain’t enough.

Kasey’s new offering has all the components for country music success: sass, class and a girl who kicks ass. Combine those characteristics with the catchy lyrics and melody, complete with Kasey’s undeniable vocal talent that is a perfect fit for the genre, and this track should resonate well with listeners. The music video depicts the story humorously, showing Kasey manhandling her former man, teaching him that he can’t treat her the way he has historically. If hanging a stuffed animal from a noose and dangling it out a window so it comes face to face with the gift-giver isn’t an express clue to get to stepping, I don’t really know what is!

Watch Kasey’s “Sorry Ain’t Enough” video here and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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