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This week felt like our blog was in TV ‘sweeps’. We introduced several new features and now have sponsors for a couple of others.  Amazing what happens when you dream up stuff, and other people see value in it and want to be part of it.  I’ve been working on some of these ideas for years.  It feels surreal to see your ideas come to life, and when our community responds to them, and thousands of people participate, it’s absolutely the greatest feeling in the world.  Everyone here a, busts their butt to bring you ORIGINAL CONTENT.  This blog, #CMChat,, Twangout, Jessica Northey Inc feeds 8 mouths now! Both Jen Swirsky and I are full time working on content delivery, sponsorships, community management etc, PLUS my Mother Miss Willie has been working with/for me since I made the leap of faith to follow my dream nearly 7 years ago exactly, and between all of us we have 5 dogs.  Something told Social Media was going to be a big industry, and that was back when it was just called “MySpace with a dash of Facebook.”  I just had a really good feeling that the digital communications industry was going to be huge.  I listened to that “feeling” and followed my gut to where I am now.  Thank goodness, cause the dreams I had for me weren’t even close to be big enough.  Things are happening these days that I just have to pinch myself to know whether I am dreaming out loud or now.

Anyways, we have a lot more to come, so just sit down, strap in, and hang on.

Whose Boots?
A pair of a celebrities’ boots are posted and fans guess #WhoseBoots? Correct answers equal an entry to win $150 from Gypsy Soule (drawn at random from the correct guessers).  Here’s this week; click on pic to participate!

week 1

Daily Tuning
Country Music Chat asks questions across all our Social Media Platforms that drive our followers, friends, and fans to respond with musically-based answers. It could be your favorite song from a particular year; a favorite artist; or something rather off the wall, but thematic nonetheless. However, it’s always a fun topic to make you think about the country music you love. Participants are entered to win a $20 gift card from GhostTunes, the digital music company that recently partnered with Garth Brooks.

daily tuning with ghosttunes

Digital Duel
In this Chatterboxing duel, songs go head-to-head for the most fan votes for a one-week period of time. This week, we appropriately (and ironically) kicked off this feature with country music power couple, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. In a lover vs. fighter battle, Garth’s new single “People Loving People” is facing Trisha’s (and Kelly Clarkson’s) new release “PrizeFighter.” Which Brooks family member will be crowned champion? Find out next week and keep your eyes peeled for the next digital duel! You can still vote! Just click on the pic:

Garth Brooks People Loving People Trisha Yearwood Prize Fighter

We also teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys for the 2014-2015 NFL football season. Each week you will have a chance to win Cowboys-themed goodies, including game tickets, experiences, and merchandise. This week, Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints tickets and some blue and silver swag are up for grabs. Make sure you are at our Country Music Chat #CMchat #Twitterview for your chance to win!

dallas cowboys


There has been a SLIGHT change to our #CMchat schedule! We’re rescheduling our original 9/15 Twitterview with Craig Morgan for a date to be determined. While he is globetrotting/hunting for his TV show, the internet isn’t gonna be what we need to be for him to participate and he wants to be able to see all your tweets, but…

We’re thrilled to have award-winning, chart-topping *can’t turn the radio on without hearing one of his hit songs* songwriter, Dallas Davidson! It’s going to be a “night that you’ll never forget,” so make sure you sign on to Twitter, follow #CMchat, or visit to keep up with the excitement!

Dallas Davidson


Sonia Leigh was featured by Tyler Winters as a One-to-Watch back in July because we knew something good was going on there. Jen Swirsky also interviewed her and found out about her musical past, songwriting inspirations, and delved a little deeper into the beautiful and thought-provoking person that is Sonia Leigh. We’re excited to have her for a Humpday Hookup Half-Hour Hangout, yes I like to alliterate. Join the conversation starting at 5pPT/8pET on Wednesday September 17th right here on

sonia leigh


Lee Brice – Lee was our guest on #CMchat this week and his new album “I Don’t Dance” came out, debuting at #1 on iTunes.
Blake Shelton/Pizza Hut – Blake surprised Pizza Hut patrons as a temporary employee of the restaurant chain, working behind the counter at certain stores.
Michael Sarver – American Idol alum (season 8 Top 10), Michael Sarver, released his new single “Miss You Something Crazy” and his fans went crazy over our review!
Jason Aldean – The industry has been abuzz about Jason’s “snub” from the CMA Awards nominees list. Jason commented on the situation and Country Music Chat readers are interested in what he has to say. Also you can chime in and voice your opinion.
Danielle Bradbery – Danielle took fan requests through a “request line,” covering seven songs that fans wanted to hear. We created a “7 quick clicks” of the songs that Danielle covered and slayed.
Brett Eldredge/Big Brother – Big Brother alumni (Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder who met on season 11 and returned on season 13) got engaged on Sunday night’s show, in the backyard of the house at which they met. Brett Eldredge was on hand to perform “Mean to Me” for the newly engaged couple and we have the video on our site!
Fantasy Football – Football and Country Music go perfectly together and from the mind of one of our long time community members Scott Colvin here is a very fun, informative and unique look at Fantasy Football.


Every week we feature an up and coming artist who with think you should keep your eyes on. This week’s One To Watch was Tennessee born Jacob Powell. Read more about him by clicking on his photo:

Jacob Powell


Trisha Yearwood/PrizeFighter/Gwendolyn-RCA Nashville
Josh Turner/Lay Low/MCA
Jackie Lee/She Does/Broken Bow
Olivia Lane/Steal Me Away/Big Spark Music Group
Larry Fleet/Damn This Storm/Music Mill Entertainment
Ashliegh Lisset/Target On My Heart/ALS Entertainment
Tim Cadiere/Hop In My Truck/6 Tone Records
Tim Sweeney/Every Friday Night/Oil House Records
Pat Green/Girls From Texas/Greenhorse


Do you love Country Music? Enjoy writing about it? Reviewing songs? Reviewing concerts? Chatting about it? Giving your opinion about it? Pretty much all the stuff a Country Music fan does naturally on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus?  Maybe you come to Country Music Chat ~ #CMchat every Monday and just wondered how you could get more involved? Or if you are looking for intern credit for school? Marketing? Advertising? Music? Business? #CMchat has it all!  You can contact us here.



P.S.  HALLOWEEN is Getting Closer…I don’t know about you, but I turn into a big kid! 


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to Miss Jessica Northey she started following me a couple of years back Under my original Twitter name and as of late I have been missing from #CMchat as of late I hope once my health returns to be a frequent and active participant again in #CMchat. Jessica also inspired me to do what I do under my Keepin It Country Twitter account although not nearly as professional as y'all are hear but I do try my best to help out the New and upstart Country music artist as best as I can with my own limited resources although at this moment with no current computer due to that good Ol Florida lighting it will take me sometime to replace and not sure as to when that will happen. In Closing Thank you Jessica and #CMchat for all you have done , are doing and will do in the future. Congratulations my friends y'all deserve the very best from all your hard work and long hours.


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