Album Review: Keith Urban – Ripcord

To say Keith Urban’s latest album Ripcord has been highly anticipated by his fans is an understatement. But as his fans will attest, it was worth the wait. On his new album, the Grammy winning singer introduces us to a side of him that I don’t think we have ever seen.

The album starts off with “Gone Tomorrow (Here Today)” a tune with a funky beat that is reminiscent of a catchy 80s dance song.

Next up is song that every country fans knows considering it’s already spent time at No. 1 – “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16.” It was the first single off of Ripcord and spotlights his faith and his country background. You can easily sing along to this song the first time you hear it.

My favorite song is “Habit of You.” It shows off Urban’s vocal range with a soft beat in the background. It then goes into a subtle bass beat, which makes your foot tap and your head nod. This song is everything I expected it to be and more. The chorus is unlike any other. I’ve never heard a melody like this and the words are like silk. They sink in deep – and trust me – you won’t forget this.

“Gettin’ in the Way” changes back to “Habit of You” showing off his vocal skills and his quieter side. This song will get stuck in your head all day and it eases you into “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” When you take Urban and jazz, mixed with blues, it becomes a musical masterpiece. The horns in the background have you dancing without even thinking. “Break on Me” and “That Could Still Be Us” are songs that come later in the album and remind me of one of his older songs – “Tonight I Wanna Cry.” These are songs that you’ll never forget and each person will be able to relate no matter what they’ve been through. I love this emotional side of Urban. It shows he still has the power and heart no matter how much time has passed in his career. He just keeps progressing with his music. It’s refreshing.

“The Fighter” features Carrie Underwood and her powerful vocals. It’s a question and answer type of song and shows two different perspectives.

“Boy Gets a Truck” brings me back to high school with its theme of  young love and your first car. The feeling of freedom could never be replaced and we all remember those emotions. Hop in the car, pick up your friends, and put this song on. This song is emotionally loaded and the lyrics have never been truer.

No doubt Keith Urban still has what it takes. All of these songs have the potential to be No. 1s. It’s incredible how he can put different songs together and make them come alive at the same time. His ability is unlike anyone else in country music. The backbeats in each song shows his ability to take something that isn’t country and make it completely fit the genre. I don’t think anyone else in country music can do that.

You can buy Keith Urban’s new album Ripcord on iTunes.

Keith Urban Ripcord

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