[email protected] Releases “Somewhere in My Car”

It seems that as soon as Keith Urban fell in love in the back of a “Cop Car,” he was getting it on in the backseat of his own. But, like all great things, his backseat rendezvous ended, leaving him heartbroken and confused.

Today, as Scotty Bredin pointed out in his weekly radio adds post, Keith Urban is back with “Somewhere in My Car,” a song about a breakup that leaves a man longing for the day when he wasn’t going home to emptiness and his life was filled with love and lust — in the backseat of a car. In this song, Keith croons:

But in my mind we’re somewhere in my car and it’s raining hard on the streetlight glow. You got your lips on mine, it’s gasoline on fire, I never will forget you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. Fingertips slide up and down my back, breathin’ hard, steamin’ up the glass, I’d give anything if I could bring you back home.

Unlike most songs of heartbreak, this song doesn’t take on the role of vulnerable, tear-jerking ballad and, instead, is ironically upbeat and focuses on the imagery of the much missed, window-steaming sexy time. “Somewhere in My Car” is a song to keep on repeat, as the speed changes of the verses to the chorus, and even within the chorus itself, make this song one that you will want to sing somewhere in your own car. In fact, it is plain impossible to listen to this song and feel sorry for Keith. Rather, you feel as though this lady must have offered him some of the best times of his life if he is maintaining this level of excitement as he reminisces about these magical moments that are now reduced to mere memories.

Let us know what you think of “Somewhere in My Car” after you check out the lyric video below!

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