[email protected] Releases Racy Music Video for “Somewhere In My Car” (Watch!)

Keith Urban recently released his new single “Somewhere In My Car,” a reminiscently steamy song about the good times in the backseat of a car. Rather than the track coming out as a “woe is me” self-deprecation focusing on love and loss, the song predominantly focuses on love and lust — a much more enjoyable combination. Today, Keith released the corresponding music video of Rated PG-13, occasionally bordering on R, proportions.

As we all know, there is no way to go back in time and change the course of history (without Doc Brown and a delorean), so the best thing to do is cherish what we had, call it a lesson learned, and live a life of no regrets. And it certainly seems like the times the subject couple shared were worth the headspace. Kissing in the rain, steamed up windows, messages written in the condensation with a finger (think hand on the glass in Titanic); it looks like the relationship of the past was spontaneously wild and fun while it lasted.

The music video is aptly reflective of the sexy and longing mood of the lyrics, specifically depicted in the chorus:

But in my mind we’re somewhere in my car and it’s raining hard on the streetlight glow. You got your lips on mine, it’s gasoline on fire, I never will forget you grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head and your fingertips slide up and down my back, breathin’ hard, steamin’ up the glass; I’d give anything if I could bring it back.

Perhaps she left him because he still sleeps in a twin bed in a room that resembles a prison cell? Regardless, at least he has wonderful, at times erotic, memories to take to his tiny sleep space with him at night.

Watch Keith Urban’s “Somewhere In My Car” video here:

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