EP Review – Kelleigh Bannen – Cheap Sunglasses

Kelleigh Bannen is a name you need to know.

Not only is she a multi-talented singer and songwriter, she’s one of those people you just want to be friends with. You may be familiar with her blog This Nashville Life where she discusses her amazing fashion sense, shares personal monthly playlists and general life moments as a native Nashvillian.

Bannen’s previous hits include “Smoke When I Drink,” “Sorry On The Rocks,” and “Famous,” but now she is back with new music and her excitement over these songs has been so rewarding to watch. Her new EP, Cheap Sunglasses features five fresh new songs that fans will be playing on repeat from the moment they come blaring out of their speakers.

The opening number, “Welcome To The Party,” will leave you feeling like you’re carefree and enjoying life, even if only for three and a half minutes. It’s also impossible not to clap along.

On first impression “Landlocked” possesses a rock vibe with strong vocals. For those of you who have to make that special effort to find the beach and the water in that 100 degree summer weather, this one’s for you.

“Cheap Sunglasses” is the relaxed and bluesy track in the collection. “So easy to break, just throw away, well I’m not made of plastic…” I’d like to think of this song as an anthem for girls to know their worth and own strength. You’re more than just an accessory to someone else.

Next up is the mysterious and classic “Once Upon A.” Every well-written song takes you on a journey with its lyrics, but not every song has the impact on listeners that this one will. Just take a few minutes and be transported to a different world in this song.

The EP ends on a high note with heavy guitars and smooth rhythms in “All Good Things.” You’ll be swaying along to this one in no time. “You’re the fire in my veins, I’m a runaway train, and together we’re crazy” has to be my favorite line because it showcases Bannen’s personality and the hopeful spirit that I think a lot of listeners desire to exemplify in life.

If you love this EP, or even if you just like it a little, make sure you find Kelleigh Bannen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let her know what you think! She is one of my favorites for artist interactions through social media.

You can find Kelleigh Bannen’s Cheap Sunglasses EP on iTunes here. If you weren’t ready for summer before, you are now!

Kelleigh Bannen Cheap Sunglasses

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