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Kelleigh Bannen isn’t playing by the rules; she is making her own. Accordingly, Bannen describes herself as the “girl next door … if your next-door neighbor loves a good shot of whiskey, plays a mean classical violin, and prowls the stage like a woman on a mission.” This is one of the things that makes her stand out in a sea of blossoming artists and one of the reasons we anticipate a long and successful career for Bannen.

Over the last couple of years, Bannen has shown that her music fits squarely into the genre of country music, but possesses a certain edge that makes it stand out and apart from the rest of what is being released by her peers in the industry. Perhaps its the deep, raspy vocals or the clever and entertaining lyrics that Bannen sings on her tracks, but whatever Bannen is dishing out, we are taking here at Country Music Chat.

“You Are What You Love” is a song about how the things in life that you flock toward define you and adequately explain to others exactly who you are as a person. The chorus goes:

Life’s too short not to live it up, call me red wine, call me late night, call me kissing to an old truck dome light. Hey hey, I’m a good backbeat, boots on the porch where the guitars meet. Can’t change just blame it on because you are what you love.

So, who is Bannen exactly? According to her new song, she is a guy’s girl who off roads, listens to Cash, smokes the occasional cigarette, drags from a hangover now and then, and simply embraces who she is. True to form, Bannen’s latest offering is a catchy, upbeat tune that will resonate with country music fans, sticking in their heads and making them turn the dial in hopes of finding it playing on the radio. Give it a listen … we bet you will find yourself playing it on repeat, soaking in the lyrics, humming the tune, and celebrating the person you are and the things you love.

Check out Kelleigh Bannen’s “You Are What You Love” lyric video below, download it on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE to let us know what you think of her latest single!

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