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Country royalty by marriage, Kelly Clarkson has made it no secret lately that she intends to continue dabbling in the genre, infusing her bluesy and soulful sound into the type of music on which she was raised. The Country Music #CMchat team (as well as the world of country music) has welcomed Kelly with open arms, respecting the undeniable and versatile talent of, hands down, one of the best vocalists of all time.

Kelly recently performed at a show at Symphony Park in Charlotte, North Carolina and, like she does at most (if not all) of her shows, Kelly took on a song made notable by another artist and absolutely slayed it. Albeit, not a country song, Kelly’s rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” bared so much heart and so much soul that, with a few minor twangy tweaks, it could easily find a home on country radio.

In introducing the song to the audience, Kelly joked that she really wants the audience to stay, considering she put “Stay with Me” directly after “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” her duet with Jason Aldean. After a typical Kelly Clarkson giggle at her own comedy, she immediately transported herself into her own musical world, creating euphoria in the crowd.

As always, Kelly outdoes herself, shining on every note, every beat, and every word. Commanding attention and appreciation from the members of the audience, Kelly growled and belted her way through the emotionally-laden song, made especially apparent in the beginning of the second verse when she croons “why am I so emotional?”

When it comes to certain artists, words sometimes just can’t do their talents justice. With that being said, I invite you all to listen to Kelly Clarkson perform Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” so extraordinarily that one would think the song was a fruit of her own labor.

Watch Kelly Clarkson cover “Stay with Me” here:

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