Cue the Feels: Watch @Kelly_Clarkson and @Reba Surprise Nashville Kids

In December of 2014, Reba and Kelly Clarkson hopped aboard the Music City Rollin’ Jamboree for a special event, entitled the Jingle Strong Jamboree. While we knew that the two superstars boarded the bus to serenade some special kids before performing a private concert at the Thistle Stop Cafe, it turns out there was much more to it than that.

The evening served a brighter purpose: to give hope to kids who stand out for being different. In the clip, Jessie McNamara and Jennie Duke, the owners of The Music City Rollin’ Jamboree, discuss how they came up with the idea, how Clarkson and McEntire got involved, and so much more.

“I love to surprise people like that,” Clarkson says. “They have no idea that I’m gonna get on the bus, and I just love that. And then Reba’s getting on after me so they’re gonna be even more floored.”

“I think it’s a really neat idea because kids were being bullied…and we were gonna get their minds off of that,” says Reba. “I thought it was a wonderful idea so I said ‘Count me in.'”

Speaking to the kids, McNamara says, “Guess what happens, if you are a little bit unique and a little bit different as a kid, when you get older, that’s what makes you awesome. You are exactly who you are supposed to be and you’re going to grow into someone so so awesome.” And cue the chills.

I dare you to watch this video and not get emotional…If you don’t, you’re a grinch.

The video was put together by Nashville Film Festival’s executive director, Ted Crockett and will be shown at the 2015 Nashville Film Festival.

It may only be May, but I’m suddenly in the Christmas spirit. What can I say, my heart grew three sizes today.


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