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It was only a few weeks ago when Kelsea Ballerini performed at the Grand Ole Opry for the “First Time,” sharing Valentine’s Day with her first love — music. Rewind several months earlier and Kelsea’s name was just making its rounds, attached to it a little song called “Love Me Like You Mean It” that has proven to be anything but little.

Considering the enormous success of Kelsea’s debut single and the fabulosity of her self-titled EP, it was far from shocking that the Opry invited her to perform on February 14th and, just two and a half weeks later, had the blonde beauty return for her second round in the renowned circle. Country Music’s #CMchat was thrilled to be in the audience for her sophomore trip to the iconic stage, especially considering Kelsea’s short, yet perfect, setlist for the evening.

For those who have not attended the Grand Ole Opry, it is important to note that each performer during the two-hour period sings three songs; which means those with extensive catalogs are forced to choose between their favorite “children” in creating their lists. While Kelsea is a newer artist and has a catalog that she is currently nurturing and fostering, each song in her repertoire is Opry-worthy. In other words, she could not have gone wrong with the songs chosen.

Kelsea led off her set (which also included a cover of the classic “Make the World Go Away” and Top 25 single “Love Me Like You Mean It”) with “Stilettos,” a song that has proven to be an early fan favorite and hopeful contender on her first full-length album. Clad in an adorable black dress and impressively high pink shoes, Kelsea embraced the debut of this track on the Opry stage and sang of wearing a mask to hide your pain, never letting anybody see you hurting.

What does this mean for Kelsea Ballerini fans? Hopefully your prayers are being answered and a studio version of this brilliantly clever tune will appear on her album, due out later this year. And if it doesn’t make the cut, just wear your pain like stilettos and hold your head up high because, chances are, there will be a collection of other songs you will likewise love like you mean it.

Watch Kelsea Ballerini perform “Stilettos” at WYRK

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