Keltie Knight

We had great time on #HeySTAR! with Keltie Knight when she joined us for a Twitterview.   I was blessed to spend the day with her on the Red Carpet at the Billboard Awards as a Social Media Correspondent for The Insider last year. It was really cool to watch the way that Celebrities lit up when they walked up to our spot on red carpet, she has this way of making people feel so special.  We’re really excited to welcome her the day after she made a cameo appearance in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No.

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Q2 @KeltieKnight If you had a theme song or there was a song that played every time you walked in a room, what would it be? !

A2 Little Victories by @mattnathanson hands down. He played it at our wedding!

Q3 @KeltieKnight Which is tougher Acting, Hosting TV Show, Hosting Red Carpet or dancing? !

A3 I LIVE for the red carpet b/c of the energy and glamour. Acting is the WORST (hard to be someone else.)

Q4 @KeltieKnight What is your favorite item in your closet right now? ! via @BrittWV

A4 black studded @jimmychoo boots that make me feel like #katemoss also my hello kitty onesie, obvi.

Q5 @KeltieKnight What is the strangest thought that entered your mind when you were a Rockette? via @MsWillieLosito

A5 When I was really tired I would look over at Santa and think, I hate you Santa. WHO HATES SANTA!?!

Q6 @KeltieKnight Is your closet sorted by color, style, or is it anything goes? ! via @shootinthedirt

A6 By TYPE of garment dress/tank/tee/jackets PLUS each of those go from lightest to darkest color #atype

Q7 @KeltieKnight “People always tell me…” (Finish this sentence)? !

A7 People always tell me that I have nice skin, am friendly and then they ask me for celebrity gossip

Q8 @KeltieKnight What was it like interviewing @Oprah & have you kept in touch? ! via @teeco71

Q9 @KeltieKnight After all the red carpets you’ve done, do you have a list of do’s & don’ts? ! via @teeco71

A9 Wear more makeup than you would normally, photog outfit before carpet + try not to swear

Q10 @KeltieKnight What food would u Binge eat if there was no repercussions? ! via @HTKatie

A10 Apple pie, ice cream, candy, chocolate and French fries and diet coke. Gosh, I’m hungry!!!

Q11 @KeltieKnight What is something you’d still like to learn how to do? ! via @TieraBolt

A11 Speak Spanish. Can anyone help?!?!?

Q12 @KeltieKnight Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you? !

A12 just want everyone to know how much I appreciate the support I consider my online friends my real friends.

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