Kenny Chesney talks privacy and not objectfying women…

Kenny Chesney’s career has lasted long enough to see the trends change in country music. He’s even been a part of some of those trends.  And in some cases…he’s been a trend setter.  But, he’s lasted so long because he’s done things his way. Kenny recently talked to Billboard where he spoke his mind on several topics.  And one of those topics is the whole bro country debacle.

“Over the last several years, it seems like anytime anybody sings about a woman, she’s in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate — they objectify the hell out of them,” Chesney tells Billboard. “Twenty years ago, I might have written a song like that — I probably did. But I’m at a point where I want to say something different about women.”

Be still my little heart. A male country artist that wants to talk about something other than women in cut off jeans? I thought those days mighta’ been long gone.

Something else I learned about Kenny was why he’s sold some of his houses. Turns out…the man likes his privacy.

Chesney put several Virgin Islands homes up for sale due to lack of privacy. “It’s harder now, because everybody is paparazzi,” Chesney tells Billboard, saying “iPhones” are the reason the Virgin Islands are no longer “the place of peace they used to be for me.” He maintains one residence there, though, which he won’t disclose. “It’s still rejuvenating — I just have to walk a little more carefully. That’s why God made boats.”

Okay. Note to self: don’t take photos of Kenny with my iPhone.

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