[email protected] Debuts “Dirt Road” Video (Watch!)

Kip Moore is back with a song and video that touches on many of the important country music subjects: church, heaven, fishing holes, girls, smoking, beer, and, of course, the infamous dirt road. While the topics Kip glosses over are typical for the genre, this song and video are anything but. Let me put it this way … if Guns N’ Roses traveled down a dirt road, cut a country song, and made a video to go along with it, Kip’s latest project may very well be the product.

The song preaches that the idealistic heaven isn’t necessarily what everybody is looking for when they envision their perfect place. Instead, Kip points out that his idyllic home in the afterlife consists of a “dirt road leading down to a fishing hole with a little piece of moonlight, a couple cans of Bud Light where I can cuddle with my baby and I can pull her real close.” If that isn’t what heaven looks like, well, Kip has no interest in getting there any time soon.

The corresponding music video is emotionally driven and straddles the line between country and rock. With scenes set in church and a young Kip in the pew, the preacher presumably speaks of heaven while lightning ferociously crashes. Consistent with the lyrics, the lightning seems to denote an antagonist to the place being described in sermon. Contrarily, the scenes which demonstrate Kip’s version of heaven are filled with sunlight, nature, a girl in a white dress, and all things beautiful and positive. The distinct mood changes between the scenes create clever and intellectual art that sends a message in the most subtle, yet alluring of ways.

Performance aspects of the video show Kip and his band in a large, dark room filled with windows, wooden panels, and fans. The song, heavy on instrumentation, allows for Kip and his accompaniment to put on a rock show during these portions of the video, while the lights flash during select times. In a personal favorite moment of the entire song, “Dirt Road” includes the following line (part of which is ironically borrowed from a song made popular by Guns N’ Roses): “All of this flying high, gonna leave ya falling short, leave you knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s basement door.”

This song and video are slight departures from what we have heard and seen from Kip so far in regard to released singles, and choosing to take this [dirt] road will only prove as a wise choice by Kip and his team. Check out the video below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment here or following us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE.

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