Album Review: Kip Moore Wild Ones

I remember attending a Christmas party a few years ago at the home of the incredible journalist/professor/historian Beverly Keel – who was then working for Universal’s publicity department. It was there that I first became acquainted with the talent of one Kip Moore. He had just released “Something ‘Bout A Truck,” which soon became his first No. 1 single. As personable as can be, Moore struck me as the kind of guy who you could easily root for…and he has lived up to that promise.

Since then, he has added subsequent chart-toppers with “Beer Money” and “Hey Little Girl,” and has watched as his debut album, Up All Night, has inched its way toward Gold status. Now, the Tifton, Georgia native prepares for the second round of success with his sophomore album. Has he succeeded in putting together an album that will continue his commercial appeal – or will it be the dreaded “sophomore slump?”

After a few listens, I think the answer is pretty obvious. Kip Christian Moore is going to be around for awhile. Lead single “I’m To Blame” has quickly become a chart favorite, and there’s plenty more to choose from on this very solid effort. Moore delivers an album with equal parts swagger and sensitivity – not always the easiest line to balance. The wild side of Moore can be heard on such cuts as the title cut and the Bruce Springsteen-ish “What Ya Got On Tonight?” There’s also a cool groove on the enchanting “Girl of The Summer” that will leave you wanting more.

But, what really works well here are the last two cuts on the album – which seal the deal on Wild Ones. With the message of perseverance and determination, “The Comeback Kid” hopefully will get some consideration as a single, and the lifting “Running For You” could very well be a possible career record. With this disc, Moore should add to his growing fan base – and hopefully pick up a few more on the bandwagon, as well!

kip moore wild ones

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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