Concert Review – Kip Moore Wild Ones Tour – London, Ontario

I’m always thankful when artists come up to Canada. Honestly, I get real excited when I can save money that would otherwise be spent on the border and interstate travel. But there will always be artists that I will never complain about spending money on and Kip Moore will always be on that list. When the Wild Ones Tour was announced with two Canadian dates, I knew I was going to be at one of them.

This tour featured two opening acts that I had never seen live before, Chris Cavanaugh and Michael Ray. While I wasn’t familiar with Cavanaugh beforehand, I definitely enjoyed the little bit of twang in his voice and songs featured on his Country As I Wanna Be EP such as “I’m All About That” and the title track. However, what impressed me most was a song that isn’t on his EP and is only sung during his live shows. It was a delight how this newer artist got the crowd to sing back lyrics they had learned only a few minutes prior.

Now Michael Ray I had heard of ahead of time. “Kiss You in the Morning” had been on the radio for a while and I can admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. However, his debut CD is fantastic folks. Plus, I was very amused that he came out wearing a Toronto Blue Jays jersey to support the only Canadian team in the MLB playoffs. Overall, I was very pleased I got to see Ray sing songs I have come to know like “Somewhere South” and “Look Like This,” as well as his current radio single “Real Men Love Jesus,” while he was standing just a few feet in front of me on the stage.

Now the headliner…Mr. Kip Moore.


I’ve seen him in concert and at private radio shows almost 10 times in the past year and a half. Every time is a different city and every time is well worth the money spent. This time felt particularly special because Moore was excited to be in Canada and excited to finally have new music to share with his ever growing, ever loyal fan base. Starting the set with the title track and first song on his latest album, “Wild Ones,” got the crowd singing along immediately, and the frenzy of voices didn’t die down until an hour and a half later when he and the band took their final bow.

There was a very balanced mix of the well-known sing-along songs from his first album and the highly anticipated new songs that seemed just as well-worn to the crowd, even though they’ve only been out for just over two months. In short, it’s always a phenomenal set when Moore is on stage. I’m a sucker for blue eyes so being front row for him is a health hazard for me. At least he got a good chuckle when I blushed after the fourth time our eyes connected while I was singing back lyrics.

Special thanks to Chris, Michael and Kip who all stayed around after the concert was over to sign autographs for every fan in the London Music Hall that night. And I think quite literally, every fan, got an autograph because it took me a solid hour to finally make my way to the three of them and I could tell it had been a long but successful night for everyone.

Have you had a chance to make it to any of the Wild Ones Tour dates? Let me know by finding me on twitter @KCarib.

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