[email protected]_Isabella Tackles Controversial Topics with “Quarterback”

In a song that will open eyes and, hopefully, minds, Canadian country singer Kira Isabella suits up and attempts to tackle the controversial topics of bullying/cyberbullying and sexual assault. Though some may say the song feeds the stereotype that “jocks” are a bad breed, Kira carries the ball down the field for a touchdown as she broaches difficult subjects that oftentimes seem taboo.

“Quarterback” tells the story of a high school senior football star who is being scouted by colleges and living a life in the proverbial spotlight. Enter the meek and uncertain freshman girl in the marching band whom craves attention from someone like the quarterback, yet never senses that attention will become a reality. Much to her surprise, the quarterback takes notice and carries her under his wing to a party, where she takes her first drinks (as he urges her along) and, incidentally, intoxicatedly experiences her first time. As is so common in this world reliant on technology, photographs of the freshman girl end up on the Internet, leaving her classmates scrutinizing her while celebrating the big man on campus. The song takes a turn with a couple of simple, yet climactic, lines: “Monday morning when the word got out, everybody picked a side. He had the school and the whole town too, and she had nothing but the truth inside.”

The chorus of the song puts into perspective the notorious (and rather unfortunate) hierarchy that exists in high schools around the world:

He was the quarterback; smile at her, imagine that. Who you gonna blame the star of the game or the no name girl in the freshman class? He was the quarterback; smile at her, imagine that. Who you gonna blame, the star of the game or the no name girl in the marching band?

There are many lessons to be learned in the three and one-half minutes that Kira uses her tremendous vocals to relay a scenario that has become alarmingly prevalent among teenagers today. In an exhibition of pure genius, “Quarterback,” written by Rivers Rutherford, Marti Dodson, and Bobby Hamrick, shows a page in its playbook to young music fans, parents, teachers, and others alike, attempting to stiff-arm real-life issues. We strongly urge everyone to watch the video below and absorb the message Kira purports to convey through her beautiful music.

Kudos to Kira Isabella and her team for tackling these topics with grace, dignity, and poignancy. Though seemingly difficult for many to face, it is certainly important to embrace one of country music’s best qualities, and that is unadulterated honesty. Watch the video for “Quarterback” below and make sure to download the song on iTunes to help this powerful song gain the momentum it deserves.

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