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Alright. We can’t help it. We sort of love ourselves some Kristian Bush. In fact, if we could take some music with us when we go, Kristian’s would be in the mix. We are even thinking of having trailer hitches created for hearses for this very purpose. Okay, perhaps that is a little extreme, but we love him … a lot. So it brings us great joy to announce that we will be sharing the Twitter stage with him for a Country Music’s #CMchat Twitterview on 3/30 at 6pPT/9pET hosted by Jessica Northey to discuss his new album, Southern Gravity, which is being released on April 7th.

kristian bush twitterview

The easiest way to participate is right here on our website! Just use this link to help segregate the tweets and show the ones with #CMchat in them: it makes the Twitterview much easier to follow. You’ll be able to see the conversation in real-time, at your own speed (it’s adjustable) and the #CMchat hashtag will automatically appear on your tweets. A lot of people also participate by using, Tweetdeck, &/or Hootsuite.


Kristian Bush grew up involved in music, starting at a young age and collecting experiences about which artists his age can usually only dream. Beginning to play instruments at the age of four, Kristian and his brother, Brandon, made their debuts at the Bush Beans Jamboree in Knoxville, Tennessee as Dolly Parton’s opening act. Using these moments as catalysts for his eventual country music success, Kristian became a classically trained violinist who studied the Suzuki Method at the University of Tennessee. At eleven, Kristian agreed to play one season in the Knoxville Youth Symphony before he traded in his bow for a pick and focused on learning the guitar. Continuing to grow as an artist, Kristian next started songwriting and recording his own albums at home, eventually leading him toward a Creative Writing degree at Atlanta’s elite college, Emory. Being in the heart of Georgia, as well as a dynamic music scene, familiarized Kristian with the entertainment business (and vice versa). It was in Atlanta that Kristian was introduced to Jennifer Nettles and the two made musical magic, thereby creating country music smash hit making duo, Sugarland. With much success under their belts, Kristian and Jennifer decided to embark on solo careers, sewing their musical oats and trying something a little different. Kristian has now released two singles — “Love or Money” and “Trailer Hitch” — as part of his solo efforts, and will be releasing his debut album Southern Gravity on Tuesday, April 7th.

Kristian Bush Southern Gravity

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