[email protected] Releases #Halloween Inspired Video for #TrailerHitch (Watch!)

Kristian Bush’s new, enlightening, and entertaining single “Trailer Hitch” has been striking chords with his fans and has become a live show favorite since its release. Though Kristian already released a lyric video, he launched his official music video today, adding in a little (okay, a lot of) Halloween flair.

kristian bush trailer hitch 2

With a comedic approach, typical of Kristian’s lightheartedness and sense of humor, the extremely talented singer, songwriter, and musician teaches a lesson about materialism; only this time in the midst of a minor zombie apocalypse. The stars of this video, alongside Kristian, are the walking dead; lively corpses who clearly were unable to take their personal belongings into the “in between.” Presumably, Kristian performed for the most interesting audience of his life while filming, as the patrons of the bar in which the video was filmed are flirted with by and share the dance floor with the dead.

Upon the release of the single, “Trailer Hitch,” Kristian explained to Rolling Stone:

I thought how cool it would be if we tried to give away money from a guitar case instead of ask for money. People were looking at me funny; they got suspicious. I mean, here I am giving strangers money on the street. People would say no, and then I’d say, “Go give it to someone who needs it.” Then they caught on. It turns out, people are much more comfortable giving than they are taking.

Watch Kristian Bush’s “Trailer Hitch” video here:

Kristian Bush

kristian bush trailer hitch

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