Album Release: @KristianBush Rises Above with #SouthernGravity

If there is one statement I can stand firmly behind in life, it is that Kristian Bush is one of the most multi-faceted, ultra-talented artists in the music industry, while also flying seemingly under the radar. However, with today’s release of his first solo album Southern Gravity, it is Kristian’s turn to rise above the rest and share his gifts with the world.

Southern Gravity exudes Kristian’s positive attitude and laid back demeanor, consisting of a collection of tropical-sounding tunes that is indicative of a vacation playlist. The album is a perfect companion for a stress-free, low key day of relaxation, when what you are seeking is a pleasant period of time that will leave you with a smile on your face.

In other words, Southern Gravity is an uncanny representation of who Kristian Bush is as an artist, but, even more so, as a person. On the release of the album, Kristian shared:

I love this album. The songs on “Southern Gravity” feel like home to me, and I am proud and excited to share them, finally. They are your stories as much as they are mine, and I hope you hear yourself in here, no matter if you are standing up, falling down, or dancing in between the pieces of your life.

The full album track listing is as follows:

  1. Make Another Memory (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Rodney Clawson)
  2. Light Me Up (Bush/Jesse Rice)
  3. Trailer Hitch (Bush/Brandon Bush/Tim Owens)
  4. Southern Gravity (Bush/Scooter Carusoe)
  5. Flip Flops (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Paul Overstreet)
  6. Giving It Up (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Tom Douglas)
  7. Feeling Fine California (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Paul Overstreet)
  8. Waiting On An Angel (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Bob DiPiero)
  9. Walk Tall (Bush/Jeff Cohen/Nathaniel “Bo” Rinehart/William “Bear” Rinehart)
  10. Sending You A Sunset (Bush/Tim Owens)
  11. Sweet Love (ush/Sherrie Austin/Phil Barton/Jeff Cohen)
  12. House On A Beach (Bush/Canaan Smith)

Watch Kristian Bush’s “Trailer Hitch” video

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Kristian Bush Southern Gravity

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