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It’s no secret that the #CMchat Country Cadre loves Kristian Bush. We love him for his amazing vocals, we love him for his innate ability to be a one-man band, and we love him for his quirky and zany sense of humor. Kristian’s song “Trailer Hitch” combines all of these elements and creates a trifecta of perfection. Tie this package up with a little bow, also known as a lyric video, and Kristian can’t go wrong.

“Trailer Hitch” is a melodic and comedic approach to the subject of materialism. Kristian sings about how unimportant it is to collect items through life and worry about being rich because, quite frankly, you can’t take any of these materials with you when you die. Or, as Kristian eloquently puts it, “never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch.”

In creating this video, Kristian took over the streets of Chicago (where you can find our very own Jessica Northey all this weekend at the Windy City Smokeout) and shared his music with passersby. At the end of the video, in a true twist of fate moment for any musician, you see Kristian giving away $300 from his guitar case, rather than collecting money as most street-playing artists often do. In discussing this extraordinary act of kindness and explaining his “pay it forward” mentality, Kristian told Rolling Stone:

I thought how cool it would be if we tried to give away money from a guitar case instead of ask for money. People were looking at me funny; they got suspicious. I mean, here I am giving strangers money on the street. People would say no, and then I’d say, “Go give it to someone who needs it.” Then they caught on. It turns out, people are much more comfortable giving than they are taking.

Check out Kristian’s lyric video below. You will love the positivity and upbeat nature of the track, while enjoying beautiful Chicago scenery. Top that all off with Kristian’s adorable personality and “Trailer Hitch” is a song/video with which you will truly connect.

Watch Kristian Bush’s “Trailer Hitch” lyric video here:

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