[email protected] vs. @TheBandPerry ‘Graveyard’ Battle #DigitalDuel

Every week in Country Music #CMchat’s #DigitalDuel we will be featuring two songs for you to vote on. The songs might be related, might be different covers, or have no relation at all. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you – the fans – to spread the word and hash it out to win the #DigitalDuel. Simple enough?

Here’s your new challenge:

Kristian Bush “Trailer Hitch” vs. The Band Perry “Better Dig Two” – ‘Graveyard’ Battle

With Halloween days away, we have decided to take you to the graveyard this week on #DigitalDuel. The first song for your listening pleasure is Kristian Bush’s “Trailer Hitch.” Kristian has been a long time friend of #CMchat and we are loving his debut solo single. The song talks about not taking everything you have to the grave with you and the video takes that in a literal direction…with Zombies! You might recognize the star of the video as Mercury Recording Artist Canaan Smith. Check out the video and vote below in the ‘Graveyard’ Battle:

The second contender in the battle has some punch behind it. The Band Perry was able to take “Better Dig Two” to the top of the country charts in 2013. The song is about a love so strong that if you must dig one grave, you better follow it up by digging another because they couldn’t live without the loved one. The video is a rather dark approach to the concept and takes you to a real graveyard. Is this song your pick in this #DigitalDuel? Vote below the video.

“Trailer Hitch” and “Better Dig Two” both take you to the graveyard within the lyrics and the videos only expand upon that idea. Both songs will be on my Halloween playlist, but which song is a better ‘Graveyard’ pick? The shovel’s in your hands now! Who will be crowned the winner in this head-to-head battle? Vote for your pick in this week’s #DigitalDuel.

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