[email protected] Releases New Single #LookinForACowgirl (Listen!)

She’s bringing country back and she’s doing it with sass and class.

Broken Bow Records recording artist, Kristy Lee Cook, has released her new single “Lookin’ for a Cowgirl,” an uptempo song that is complete with “sanging,” “stranging,” and twanging. The lyrics describe a snarky and sweet girl who just might be the object of a man’s affection … if that man is looking for a cowgirl. The chorus explains:

I’m camo, I’m ammo, I’m a country song on your radio, yeah, sugar and spice sure makes it nice when you mix it with a little bit of fire and ice. I’m a shotgun, I’m a get ‘er done, I’m the one you’ll wanna be hunting when you wanna have fun. If you’re lookin’ for a girl to rock your world, honey, then you’re lookin’ for a cowgirl.

What Kristy brings to the table is a pure country sound with a modern edge. Couple these musical attributes with her beauty, brains, and bubbly personality and the combination is foolproof. Kristy is the whole package, gorgeous inside and out with talent to boot.

And, speaking of boots, Kristy also provides a song that is perfect for a boot tapping good time with a beat so catchy it could have fit nicely on a 1990s Shania Twain album. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear “Lookin’ for a Cowgirl” in a country club near you in the not-so-distant future, with line dancing extraordinaires stomping out the steps to its very own choreography.

Listen to Kristy Lee Cook’s “Lookin’ for a Cowgirl”

Kristy Lee Cook

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