Album Review: Krystal Keith’s Debut Album “Whiskey and Lace”

When it comes to Krystal Keith, many people might assume she used her superstar dad, Toby Keith, to open doors for her. It’s a fair assumption, we have seen it time and time again, but Krystal’s debut album, “Whiskey and Lace” hits all the right notes, and shows the world that Krystal is more than just a country star’s daughter. If you look into Krystal’s story you will quickly learn that Krystal’s parents didn’t make it easy on her, they didn’t just open all the doors and make it a cake walk. She worked hard to get where she is, and actually wasn’t even allowed to enter the industry until she graduated from college. All her hard-work is definitely evident throughout her debut album, and it’s apparent she doesn’t need to ride on her dad’s coattails; this girl has what it takes to make it.

Her first single “Get Your Redneck On” hit air waves a few short months ago, and already has people talking. It is a lighthearted and cheerful tune that tells you just how much there is to love about being a “redneck.” It instantly reminded me of Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman”, and much like Gretchen, Krystal really is a country girl through and through. The song will instantly endear you to Krystal as she sings with such great emotion and conviction it’s hard not to find yourself singing along.

In addition to her first single, her second single, “Daddy Dance With Me” was released on Father’s Day and is one of three songs on the album that Krystal has writing credit on. Krystal wrote the song as a surprise for her father, and it was played for the father daughter dance at her wedding earlier this year. After the video was released it became an instant internet sensation and it’s easy to see why. The song beautifully describes the relationship Krystal has with her father, and it’s a sentiment so many daughters will easily relate to.

As I was listening to the album trying to pick a few of my favorite songs, I found myself listening over and over again as they are all so great, it’s impossible to pick just one. A friend of mine, and Country Music DJ shared what his favorite song was (“Whiskey and Lace”) on twitter today, and I quickly replied I had at least four favorites. Krystal jumped right in on the conversation saying, “I can’t even narrow it down to 4. I still have 10 faves.” Like I told her, it is definitely a good problem to have, and when you hear this album you will understand why it’s so hard to limit yourself to just a couple favorites. They are all amazing, and as she sings you are often reminded of her father, both sing so passionately and clearly connect with the lyrics to every song they sing.

Beyond her writing skills, and the energy and passion she puts into every song you will see that Krystal has a phenomenal range, and with the control she has over her voice she sings songs that will simply take your breath away. There is no doubt about it this girl was clearly born to sing.

I can’t say enough good things about this album. With her amazing talent, and her wonderful personality and attitude Krystal has everything it takes to be a star. There are many extraordinary women in the country music industry and I suspect that before long Krystal Keith will be listed among them. The album “Whiskey and Lace” hits the shelves on December 11th, and is available not for pre-order through iTunes. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

by Katie Duncan

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