EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Kyle Jennings Debut Single #FreedomStrong

In a time where seemingly racy lyrics and over-digitalized music dominate the airwaves across the genres, there is something incredibly refreshing about an artist who chooses to write music that is authentic, fervent, and honoring to our country. The real root of what American “country” music stands for. That’s what Kyle Jenning’s debut single, “Freedom Strong” from his upcoming album “Roots And Wings” is all about.

Combining soft toned, yet enduring vocals, and buoyant instrumental accompaniment, “Freedom Strong” will whisk you away to that prideful feeling that rattles your core when listening to “God Bless America” while striking your heartstrings in the same way as “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning”.

Jennings, who proudly, yet humbly penned this song, said, “I’m inspired by the resiliency of the American spirit. Not only our servicemen and women, but our everyday true American patriots,” Jennings has an undeniable passion for America and he radiates that in his music. “To me, Freedom Strong means nothing can ever break or enslave us to anyone or anything. In this song, there’s a lyric that says ‘when faced with the impossible, there’s a spirit that’s unstoppable’ and I think that is so America.”

Not only is he a talented songwriter and musician, but Kyle Jennings has a heart for charity. He co-founded the non-profit organization, Project 13:13, which, comparable to Wounded Warrior Project, works to benefit returning wounded American military servicemen. With an appropriate Memorial Day, May 25, 2015 release date, “Freedom Strong” will be available digitally through kylejenningsmusic.com and on iTunes for $1.29 (currently available NOW for pre-order)¬†or hard copy CD single for $5 and 100% of the proceeds from “Freedom Strong” will be donated to Project 13:13.

Jennings aspires to convey this message through “Freedom Strong”, “I hope we never lose our oboxiously deep sense of American pride. I hope we never lose our willingness to fight. I hope we never forget all the sacrifice that identifies us as who we are as a nation.” The gentle melody and compelling lyrics such as Jenning’s personal favorite line, “with an iron first and tempered pride, we stand together side by side, united tough and tangled into one” is an infallible way to conjure American pride. With beautiful music helping out a great cause, you’ll definitely want to get a copy of this single on your playlist to celebrate this Memorial Day, and share it with your friends and family!

Exclusive listen of Kyle Jennings ‘Freedom Strong’!

“Freedom Strong” is available for iTunes pre-sale TODAY!

kyle jennings freedom strong

Honor the Service members in your life and join the Freedom Strong Memorial Day Memorial Challenge by downloading the song and posting a screenshot of your purchase along with the hashtag #FreedomStrong and the name of who you’d like to dedicate it to (i.e. #uncledave, #frankdavisUSMC) as well as tagging three friends and challenging them to do the same.

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Twitter: @KyleJennings13

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