Album Review: Kyle Park – The Blue Roof Sessions

There’s nothing wrong with a little change. Texas artist Kyle Park’s new album The Blue Roof Sessions is proof. While the 10-year country vet’s voice is still as country as they get, the music accompanying it on this 12-track set are definitely swinging in a heavier, more roots rock direction, while thematically, they flawlessly saunter between being on the prowl for a new love to the regrets that come from the previous one.

It’s hard to say which side of Park shines more on this record. The heart-breakers sound just as good as the hard-driving come on songs. The record starts out with “Come On,” a Mid-tempo country rocker that finds the singer “love drunk and tipsy” with a woman at the bar who he hopes to spend some quality time with. It’s a little frisky, but far from salacious.

Similarly, “One of These Days” another Country Rock groover features big sleazy electric guitars as the protagonist is fishing for the big catch at the bar. Closing out the album is “Four Walls” a slowed down bluesy love song about everything that he “needs” are inside these four walls.

Heartbreak and regret fill the album though especially when it comes to “I See Red” a hurting song about regretting a failed relationship. He knows what he did was wrong, and realizes he can’t fix it, and that in turn makes him see red. “What Goes Around Comes Around” is another country heart-breaker where the singer is wondering what went wrong, but he knows it was her doing, and he’s wishing that in the end she’ll get hers, eventually.

Two of the albums more introspective songs tackle the things we take for granted in everyday life. “Never Slow Down” is a mid-tempo country rocker about the struggle of keeping up with a busy world, while the reflective “Work on Love” laments about a hardworking man who works too much and forgets to appreciate what he has at home.

Perhaps the oddest moment of the set is “Rock Me Tonight,” a very unexpected Billy Squier cover (at least it wasn’t “The Stroke.”) Park’s countrified version certainly works.

In 2015, Kyle Park is not an artist you can expect to hear on mainstream country radio (thankfully, I do hear him on the red dirt stations I listen to online). But he is an artist that can be counted on for making quality music. While The Blue Roof Sessions is a departure from his previous recordings, there is a familiarity in his voice that makes one feel like they are listening to honest country music.

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