Song Review: @kyle_park ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

Have you ever had someone tell you they will love you forever, then leave? Did you ever wish that someone would do the same to them? I certainly have.

I’ve also wished for a song to convey these feelings.

Thanks to Kyle Park, my wish has been answered. “What Goes Around Comes Around” is a song about what I like to call “relationship karma.”

It has that old fashioned country break-up song feel that instantly captures my attention. It’s the perfect song for those who have ever said, “Why did you say forever when you never felt the same,” and, “I had my heart broke and you’ll get yours someday.” These words are brilliantly incorporated into this beautiful song. “What Goes Around Comes Around” is a well-written country song by a great Austin, TX singer/songwriter Kyle Park. The song is one of the tracks on his upcoming fifth studio album, due this fall (2015).

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Kyle Park


His career is young. His past is impressive. His future seemingly has plenty more in store. That’s why Texas singer/songwriter Kyle Park, one of the spark plugs on the Southwestern tour circuit, has titled his new album Beggin’ For More.

It’s the fourth album in a self-made career in which Park served as both the artist and the record label. More is the key word in the title. He earned his first No. 1 single in the middle of recording the album, when “The Night Is Young” topped the Texas radio charts, and he naturally heard fans begging for more music.

But it also finds him covering more creative turf. Beggin’ displays an expansive lyrical bent, ranging from the playful Internet-age commentary of “Tagged” to the introspective spirituality of “You Make Me Believe.” Stylistically, Beggin’ contains more traditional country than he’s inserted on an album before, but it also shows him pushing the envelope on several tracks. U2-style guitar sounds and unexpected chord changes populate “The Night Is Young,” and a muscular foundation on “True Love” is part danceable soul music, part Wallflowers’ “One Headlight.”

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