The LACS Premiere Trailer For Video “Tonight On Repeat”

Hit duo, The LACS, are back with a brand new single off of their No. 3 Billboard album Outlaw In Me. “Tonight On Repeat” is the second single to be released off of this album, and we have an exclusive premiere of the trailer for the full length video!

Complementing the theme of the song, this video features the simplicity of a date that you don’t want to end. A ride in a jeep, a two lane road, a campfire, and sparklers shared between two people will make you want to stop everything you’re doing and put “Tonight On Repeat.”

The single “Tonight On Repeat,” which was written by The LACS, B. Barryhill, E. Coffman, B. Hill, and J. Benson, will be impacting country radio beginning August 6, 2015. It features vocals by friend and country sensation Josh Thompson, and he will also be making an appearance in the upcoming full length video!
Check out the trailer premier…

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The LACS Outlaw in Me

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“People see stuff that is already there and ask why I dream stuff that never was and ask why not”. This saying describes the LACS, they saw what was already there, had big dreams to be there, and asked the music industry why not? Their hick hop and southern rock sound is stronger than the moonshine they drink. The LACS which is the famous short abbreviation of the Loud Ass Crackers are from the sandy dirt roads of Baxley, Georgia. A South Georgia town more famous for its sawmills and turpentine stills than for having a successful southern rap group. The LACS consist of hip hop artist Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and lead vocalist / guitarist Brian “ Rooster” King. With a blue collar background they have worked shutdowns with the union and framed many a house to earn enough money keep their music dreams alive. The LACS latest album is still in the works but already has created a buzz with its contributions from Average Joe recording artist Colt Ford on the song “Shindig” and allowing the LACS the privilege of performing some of his tour dates. Want to have a good time and hear some hick hop country? Check out Colt Ford and the LACS, where you will see a show you won’t never forget. Keep watching for dates in your area. Keep listening and we hope you enjoy our new material.

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