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The Last Bandoleros is a four-man Tex-Mex group comprised of Jerry Fuentes, Emilio Navaira, Diego Navaira, and Derek James, that has come together to create a unique blend of Texas country and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Hailing from San Antonio (Fuentes and the Navaira brothers) and New York City (James), the band describes its sound as having

hyper train beats, distorted guitars, Beatlesque harmonies, and blazing Conjunto accordion solos, this music will make you move. 

The Navaira brothers were born into a musical family, as their father, Emilio Navaira, Sr., is an infamous Tejano artist whose notoriety has been compared to that of Garth Brooks in country music. While the Tejano style is in their blood, it is not a major influence on their music. In fact, the Navairas shared with My San Antonio that their father has been impacted by a rather surprising artist.

Emilio Navaira, Jr. explained:

He wanted his own little Van Halen. That’s where our love of [classic rock] all comes from. Give my dad a guitar, and nine times out of 10, he’ll play Peter Frampton or the Eagles.

The two joined Fuentes and James, who are bonafide singer-songwriters, completing the circle and creating a unique sound that blends Tex-Mex, rock ‘n’ roll, and country, resulting in an Americana rock style.

The foursome’s debut single “Where Do You Go?” exemplifies the style The Last Bandoleros is looking to achieve with the combination of their forces. Utilizing acoustic instruments, as well as electric guitars, harmonica, and heavy-hitting percussion, the group marries genres of music together and invents its own sound while, likewise, identifying with golden age oldies.

The lyric video, which is EXCLUSIVELY premiered below, embraces the classic vibe, sharing the words of the track in flashy, neon lights, reminiscent of a diner in the Beatles era. The bright colors and explosive technique used to display the lyrics adequately represent the upbeat and powerful delivery of the song, making this debut project a memorable one for The Last Bandoleros.

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Watch The Last Bandoleros “Where Do You Go?” lyric video

The Last Bandoleros

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