Lauren Davidson Breaks The Ice About Her Debut EP ‘Hear Me’

New York City native Lauren Davidson is a breath of fresh air to the country music scene. She not only has a great voice but a great personality as well. Her style is authentic and expressive. Her debut EP titled “Hear Me” will be available on October 7th 2016. It’s a 5 track album filled with positive girl anthems like “Don’t Stop” as well as daunting love struggles such as “Hear Me.” A powerful album with alot of inspired sounds, Davidson sure knows how to make great music!!

1. Where are you answering these questions from & what are you wearing?

I am in the studio hanging out with my guitar player Cristian- say hi!!
I am wearing an olive tank, my favorite kimono and my giving key necklace.

laura davidson

2. What’s your official title and favorite thing about what you do?

I am an entertainer, a singer and a songwriter.  I love that my hobby is also my job.  I love being on stage!

3. What are 3 things you CAN NOT live without?

coffee ☕

  wine 🍷
 music 🎶
family 👨👩👧👦
Okay that’s four but still!

4. What’s the first concert you’ve ever attended?

Bryan Adams!

5. If you could only listen to one album the rest of your life, what album would you pick & why?

 This is a very difficult question.  I’ve always been a song girl vs an album lover but if I had to pick one I would probably say Billy Joel- River of Dreams.  I have a lot of childhood memories associated with that album so it’s more than just good music.

6. What’s the hardest life lesson you’ve learned?

I think I’m still learning hard life lessons everyday.  Luckily I learned at a young age that if you want  something you have to put in the work and go get it yourself.

7. Do you have a favorite restaurant or hang out spot in NYC?

 my favorite place in NYC since I was a little girl is the Plaza Hotel.  I love hanging in that area outside on a nice day and there’s little eateries and coffee shops now downstairs where you can get food and drinks and hang out- it’s a very “New York moment” for me.

8. Beer or whiskey?

 100 percent whiskey

9. Who is your favorite country singer from the 90’s?

Shania Twain

10. Out of all the songs you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

 I have a special place for all of my songs because they’ve all come from a very personal place but I always love singing ‘Sometimes’.  It’s a song that makes me feel good as soon as I hear the intro!

11. Do you have a favorite place to perform?

 My favorite place I’ve performed so far is Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ but I have a Bucklet list of venues I can’t wait to tackle.

12. What’s one gift you will never forget?

 The gift of music.

13. What current event has your eyes and ears? What are you doing about it?

I’ve done some work with Make A Wish and have always been a big fan.  I’d love to do some stuff with musicians on call as well.

14. How do you think songwriters play a vital role in music today?

Songwriters drive the music world.

15. What’s one super power you wish you had?

To be in two places at once!

16. You’re making your favorite sandwich… what’s on it?

Eggplant parm sandwich.

17. Name one artist of any genre besides country that you are a fan of and tell us why?

Grace Potter.  She’s an incredible singer, songwriter, guitar player, performer and entertainer.  I’ve been a fan of her music and her style for a long time now and I finally got to see her live last December and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

18. What makes you laugh out loud?

My friends have a group thread going around, it gets worse during football season, but they crack me up!

19. Fill in the blank: It’s not a party until…

It’s always a party!

20. Fill in the blank: Country music has made me…

Who I am today.

Author: Brittany Vance

West Virginia born & bred living life in the DMV. I believe in kind hearts & strong drinks. Mom of two boys and Autism advocate. Music is not only powerful but magical. In the words of Merle Haggard: Good music will live forever. I am here to share that music with each of you.

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