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Leah Turner is currently out on tour with Brad Paisley; just received accolades for her single “Pull Me Back”; and is making herself a household name in country music-loving homes. Capitalizing on this point in time when it is simply amazing to be Ms. Leah Turner, the unique and poignant artist is releasing her next single, “My Finger,” to radio.

“My Finger” is a sassy tune that hones in on an often visited topic in country music — no good lyin’ and cheatin’. Only this time, when the man cheats on the woman, she doesn’t fall down and lose herself. Instead, she brushes him off, takes a stand, and shows him her finger…her ring finger that is — or is it? The fiery chorus proclaims:

You won’t see me dressed in white, won’t be no wedding night, gonna trade my blue and borrowed for someone new. Forget the honeymoon, I’ll never say “I do.” If it’s death do us part, I’ll have a funeral for you. You dug your grave the day you kissed her, take your ring and here’s my finger.

Leah’s newest offering teaches a valuable lesson; that when one door unexpectedly closes, ladies, you hold the key and can lock it yourself. An empowering song that will resonate with those who have been the victims of infidelity, Leah shows off an ability to remain confident and strong, even in the worst of situations. Truth be told, while finding out that your fiancé was unfaithful cannot be an easy reality to grasp, Leah puts a positive spin on the devastation, celebrating her newfound freedom from Mr. Not-So-Right-After-All.

As always, Leah’s vocals stand out as something spectacularly special, as she is one of the most distinguishable artists to grace our radios in this day and age. Applying her raspy voice to the saucy and occasionally tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Leah’s delivery of the words adequately demonstrates a woman who is self-sufficient, powerful, and ready to take the world by storm, rather than letting the storm roll over her.

Check out Leah Turner’s new single, “My Finger,” below and download her EP (check out Nicole Piering’s review here) from iTunes now:

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