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When I first heard Lee Brice’s I Don’t Dance album, I went through a series of emotions. First, I fell in love with the entire record. Next, I worked through the difficulties of having to find intelligent words to write a review about an album that left me speechless. Then, I fell in love harder when I recapped my feelings as I wrote.

One of those reasons I fell head over heels for Lee’s album was a song that I immediately believed belonged on radio, “That Don’t Sound Like You.” Now, Lee has announced the track will be his third single off the acclaimed album that has already yielded one award-winning song.

A song that masks itself as another breathtaking Brice ballad, “That Don’t Sound Like You” is a multi-layered musical gift that shows off the entire spectrum of Lee’s vocal talent, ranging from the often displayed slow-tempo smoothness to heavy-hitting explosiveness. The single expresses concern for Lee’s former love; one who isn’t quite the woman he remembered, as he senses that the flame that used to burn bright within her was extinguished by the man she is with currently.

The soft verses of apprehension about the extreme changes in the girl he used to know so well burst into an electric chorus of uptempo explanation.

You always sounded like truck tires on a gravel road, laughin’ at the world, blastin’ my radio. Cannon balls, splashin’ in the water, doin’ whatever whenever you wanna. What did he do? ‘Cause baby you don’t sound like you anymore.

“That Don’t Sound Like You” exudes mass radio appeal due to its emotionally and musically powerful shifts and dynamic electric guitar riffs, creating a sound that is unlike anything else currently being played, while simultaneously fitting into the format seamlessly. What makes Lee Brice the perfect vocalist for this type of song that accelerates and decelerates frequently is his ability to maintain the same intense level of emotion, regardless of the direction in which the tempo sways.

I said it in September 2014 when I Don’t Dance was released, and I reiterate it now with the utmost confidence: “That Don’t Sound Like You” is a hit song screaming for a chance to prove itself to country radio audiences.

Listen to Lee Brice’s “That Don’t Sound Like You”

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