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Levi Hummon is a new artist signed with Big Machine. He is currently working on his first full-length album, which I am already beyond excited about considering that his new EP is out of this world!

Hummon grew up loving the arts. He first started in visual arts, but ultimately decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Marcus Hummon is a Grammy Award winning songwriter who wrote songs like “God Bless The Broken Road.” These were big shoes to fill, but I genuinely think he made his dad proud with his self-titled EP.

“Life’s for Livin’” starts off the EP with a beat that makes you want to jam out. I found myself nodding along to the beat and tapping my foot. This song uses the drums to control the beat while the guitar creates quite a dynamic. The lyrics are catchy and makes you want to sing along right away. I love the background vocals right after he finishes the main chorus. He has such a impressive vocal range and it shows in this song. Hummon starts off high, but it really works for him. I am completely blown away by the uniqueness of the song. The hi-hat clasps together on the offbeat during one part of the song and it’s also hit with the stick on the offbeat at a different part creating an instrumental depth. This is a song that should be on your summer playlist as a reminder to live it up!

“Chain Reaction” has a really catchy chorus reminding me of a Sam Hunt song, but better. The verses are sung at the normal speed, but all of a sudden he starts singing the most catchy part that goes like this: “It starts with one of us feeling alone, one of us grabbing the phone, one of us coming on over.” This is absolutely my favorite part of the song. By this point I am completely entranced with the lyrics and his voice. I can’t help but smile. He has something that you don’t really hear a lot of in country music. It’s kind of like Hunt’s ability to almost rap/sing lyrics. This creates a beat that you can’t get out of your head. You can tell that this boy can sing anything and it’ll make the ladies fall in love with him. The drum fills and background vocals compliment his voice. I love the empty space where it’s just instruments because he’s building the anticipation for the next words, which makes you hang on to each lyric.

“Love You Hate You Miss You” is Hummon’s new single. It has a softer feel than the last two.  The beginning of the song starts off with a great drum beat. The guitar starts the melody then backs off as soon as he starts singing. The drums play an important part in the intro, creating an awesome rhythm that Hummon builds off of. He just dives into the emotional side of his voice and it basically melts your heart. The lyrics are genius and again, he almost raps/sings the chorus, which is absolutely incredible and shows his diversity and his musical ability. The guitar solo highlights his band’s ability and I think that’s so important as an artist because you get to showcase who you are working with. I’m so glad he chose this as his single.

“Guts and Glory” is very different than the other songs on the EP. Hummon references big names in history and talks about the “stars and stripes.” It’s an America song that tests the boundaries of the listeners. He sings about different backgrounds and how it has created all of us. The instruments have backed off in order for him to take charge. He dominates the song, which completely works for this song. The references like going to work, daddy’s Ram Truck, and a pink corsage are lyrics that bring you back to a certain time. The line “Staring down our fears” gives me goose bumps. This song brings you back to a certain memory and it allows you to feel those emotions. This is Hummon’s reminiscing song and he really went to a vulnerable place. I respect him for that.

The last song on the EP “Window Down Days” almost goes full circle. The first song was fun, lighthearted, and a jam out song. That’s how this song is. I love how he started off and came full-circle like this. It shows that Hummon is a fun and easygoing guy, who just likes to have a good time. I love these types of songs. They completely take you by surprise with how enjoyable they are. These are the songs you never get sick of. The beginning is just guitar and drums that set the stage for him. He starts off slow with a consistent beat, but once the chorus starts you find yourself jamming out to every word. He highlights the drums and background vocals when he repeats the song title “Window Down Days.” Once he goes into each verse the drums stay on a consistent beat to keep you tapping your foot. This song is catchy and it will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of the day, but honestly I don’t mind.

Levi Hummon is one of the most talented artists in Nashville and he is about to blow up the country music scene. I am so excited to see where he goes from here. I hope y’all enjoy his songs as much as I did!

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