[email protected] Says You Can’t “Shut Me Up” in New Single

Don’t bother trying to shut up country music’s best female guitar player Lindsay Ell. The Canadian country singer has released her new single, “Shut Me Up“, which is the follow up to “Trippin’ On Us“. The song is about a two-timing boyfriend who’s going to get what’s coming to him as he’s about to be outed for his cheating ways.

Lyrics that read, “I’m gonna tell your momma what you did/I’m gonna tell the preacher too/The other girl you’ve been foolin’, foolin’ is gonna know how you do/If you wanna reminder, you’ll be the headliner/Black and white on the front page/Or just come to a show/Stand in any row and I’ll be singing it up on the stage/You can’t shut me up…” along with its rocking sound are sure to be the anthem for any female out there who’s been done wrong by another man. “Shut Me Up” will be impacting country radio on August 11. Until then, check out the song below!

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