[email protected] Releases Restrained “Girl Crush” Video

While much has been said about Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” the foursome has never wavered in their restraint, class and belief in the power of a song. While the sordid tale of betrayal and jealousy has been maligned, misinterpreted and frankly, much ado about nothing, the group has continued to shine on one of country’s best-written tracks.

They just released the video for the song and while it easily could’ve been a video with a storyline, LBT decided to show simplicity and restraint. Shot in black and white, the video is simply the band doing what the do, and that’s singing. In fact, they look stunning with Karen Fairchild at the forefront, her voice and eyes telling the sordid tale supported harmonically and musically by her equally talented (and attractive) bandmates.

While there were many ways this video, directed by Karla and Matthew Welch, could’ve gone, we appreciate the simplicity here. Just as the song is a slow burner, the video is much of the same. And just as LBT is a class act, “Girl Crush” is a classy piece of simple cinema.

Watch the video for Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” here!

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