[email protected] Releases Seductive Lyric Video for “Girl Crush”

There’s absolutely nothing ordinary about Little Big Town’s current single, “Girl Crush,” which tells the sordid story of a woman dreaming about being the “other woman.” It’s a unique and powerful take on a tried and true old story delivered with passion and conviction by one of LBT’s leading ladies, Karen Fairchild.

The track, which is the second single off of the group’s stellar Pain Killer album, offers a different perspective on an affair. As she croons over her desire to “taste her lips, because they taste like you,” there’s a fire and honesty in Fairchild’s delivery that could’ve easily been extinguished by a cheesy, computer-animated lyric video. Instead, Little Big Town deliver a lyric video that’s equal parts sordid and seductive.

As the story of the song unfurls lyrically, viewers are taken to the metaphorical “scene of the crime,” a hotel room that was clearly used for an amorous affair the previous night. Lyrics are swirled upon shirt colors, champagne bottles, shower doors, mirrors and more. This is not your typical song, and it’s certainly not your typical lyric video.

If this is the lyric video, we can’t wait to see what the actual music video has in-store.

Watch Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Lyric Video here!

Little Big Town Pain Killer

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