[email protected] Celebrates “The Beginning” in New Song (Watch!)

Little Big Town is currently on tour across the United States, burning up stages with tracks from their most recent album Pain Killer, as well as other fan favorites. However, in addition to the classic LBT songs, the foursome are testing out new music on the road, including the heart-warming Natalie Hemby co-write, “The Beginning.”

“The Beginning” is a harmony-driven ballad, allowing the foursome to shine on their harmonies and on the lyrics, a celebration of those who were there since the beginning. While it’s easy to support a success, Little Big Town is thankful for those who have been there since day 1.

While introducing the song, Kimberly Schlapman points out her daddy in the audience, thanking him for the hours he spent driving her to gigs when singing was merely “just a dream.”

The lyrics are a gorgeous tribute to their parents and other early supporters, “If dreams were made to be passed down/ you got a head start ’cause they showed you how/ To march to the beat of your own drum/ never forget where you came from/ The words that kept you hands that helped you/ said ‘get up, try again…”

As the chorus booms, we’re thankful for those who’ve supported them from the beginning, “It takes all you have to arrive/ Standing tall at the finish line/ Just when you think you’re all alone/ History’s gonna take you home/ No matter how close you get or how far you’ve come/ In the end you’re gonna go back to the ones…Who were there from the beginning.”

Watch Little Big Town perform “The Beginning” here and let us know what you think in the comments!

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