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It’s a great time to be LOCASH these days. The duo – formerly known as The LoCash Cowboys – have recently climbed into the Top 20 of the Country charts for the first time with “I Love This Life.” Member Chris Lucas says it’s a moment the duo has looked forward to for a while.

“Hard work is really starting to pay off for us. The single has been climbing the charts, and we’re seeing the response live. People are singing it back to us. It’s an amazing feeling, for sure.”

Watching the release climb the charts has been an experience for the ages, says Preston Brust.

“Four years ago, we had a single called ‘Keep In Mind’ that got to No. 31 on the charts. I remember us all being in the car, and Gator Michaels – the head of our radio team – was driving us to a radio event in Colorado Springs, and we had told him that our previous high was No. 31, and that was a big goal for us. We’re going down the road, and Gator gets this huge smile on his face. He says ‘Take the phone, and open up this app…..I think you’re going to smile when you see this.’ I took his phone, and sure enough, we had just broken into the top 30. This has been a lot of work, as well as blood, sweat, and tears that has taken us to this point. Just to get into the Top 30 was a moment for me. I had to stop for a second. I had tears in my eyes. We were in uncharted territory. Now, here we are in the Top 20, and every day is so exciting. I know this sounds like a cliché, but dreams do come true. We have worked so hard to get to this point. It’s so surreal.”

The duo has had records climb the charts, only to see the sometimes cruel nature of the music business come into play. Lucas admits:

“We’ve had our share of bad deals. It’s not our fault that two of the labels that we were on folded. We lost two great songs when we were climbing the charts. We never had a real shot at radio.”

However, now signed to Reviver Records, the future looks nothing but bright. Lucas adds:

“They are so persistent, and their drive matches our mentality. It’s a great match – and a great team. It’s always scary because radio doesn’t always take to the independent labels, but they are proving themselves. When we signed with the label, we did our due diligence, and found out what they are all about. It was a no-brainer to sign with them because of their passion for us.”

One of the songs on their new EP – also titled I Love This Life – is titled “Shipwrecked.” That is also the name of their new signature wine line, which Brust says they are equally excited about.

“We had met a guy who was a wine owner. He mentioned that he owned his own winery. We asked him what that felt like because we were wine lovers. He said ‘Do you want to find out?’ We just shook on it right there, and we came out with our own wine called Shipwrecked. We’re so excited about it. It tastes really great. It’s 16 percent alcohol, so you’ve got to be careful (he says with a laugh). It’s really cool for us to have musical endeavors outside of the music industry. We helped design the label and the cork. It was really fun for us to do different from what we do every day.”

What has been something that they have learned about the art of wine-making? A lot, Lucas says.

“The process of the grapes is very intricate – very similar to writing a song. You try to think of the best taste that people would want – which is just like writing a song. Where the grapes come from is very important – when you pick them, how long they ferment. There’s a lot that you have to consider about it. It takes a year, maybe two, before you see the final product.”

2015 has definitely been the most memorable year of their career thus far, between their hit single – and watching their friend Chris Janson climb the charts with “Buy Me A Boat.” Janson helped to write “Life” with the duo, in addition to Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah.” Lucas said they are excited to share their success with their pal.

“We are so proud of him. He’s such a great guy, and we both started at Tootsies at the same time, and now we’re breaking at the same time. I’m so thrilled for him. We’re going to write a little more, as well.”

The EP is out October 30, and Brust says he feels that it’s a reflection on where the guys are in their lives right now – career-wise and professionally.

“I am so excited for people to hear it. I feel that Chris and I have really grown as men and as musicians. We’re both married now, and I feel that this EP is a real window into what’s going on with us right now. There’s a song on there called ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off,’ that is a heartfelt track that brings a lot of integrity to the CD. It’s a really cool love song that Chris sings really great.”

All in all, LOCASH could not be any happier to be where they are – and they’re proud to share the spotlight with label head David Ross and co-producer Lindsay Rimes, who Lucas feels is the perfect producer to take their music to the masses.

“He has taken our music to a whole new level, and to a place that we always imagined that we could go. He’s one of the reasons behind our sound. He’s becoming a household name right before our eyes. We’ve been really blessed to work with him.”

Pick up LOCASH’s new EP I Love This Life on October 30 at iTunes.


Author: Chuck Dauphin

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