What Do You Love About Country Music? #CMchat’terbox SoundOff EP1

One of the best parts of being involved in country music is how it feels like an extended family. A crazy, sometimes chaotic but always faithful…family. And Country Music’s #CMchat has experienced this family atmosphere in a massive way with our own community.

Our community has weekly get togethers at our Monday night #CMchat Twitterviews; we socially connect daily on Twitter and Facebook; and, most importantly, we get to talk about the one thing that truly connects us all…country music.

Our new feature, #CMchat’terbox SoundOff gives a voice to our #CMchat community members, as well as some celebrity guests, and gives YOU the opportunity to join in on the conversation. So jump on in…the water’s fine!

We would love to hear your answers to the question “what you love about country music?” Leave us a comment here, on YouTube, or by tweeting us @CMchatLIVE.

What do you love about country music?

Author: Country Cadre

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