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The exact opposite of what you may expect from the title, this new Lucy Hale song isn’t about a man who doggone did her wrong. Quite contrarily, this track is about a girl’s absolutely inability to resist the fall. Moreover, she also can’t help but scream how she feels from the rooftops. Even though she wants to hide her feelings and protect her heart, she is forthcoming to a fault and can’t hide the truth.

“Lie a Little Better” is the second single released from Lucy’s debut country album Road Between. This past weekend, during her first ever performance at the Grand Ole Opry, Lucy announced that this song would follow her first single “You Sound Good to Me.” A great choice from the offering, “Lie a Little Better” is a windows down, hair blowing in the wind, girlfriends surrounding you, dancing in the car seat ditty about unmistakable feelings for a guy who is stealing a girl’s heart. The song begs for a chance on radio, as the melody is one that will continue to plague you (in the best way possible) long after the song comes to an end.

The lyrics go “can’t see to hide what I’m feelin’; can’t believe what I’m sayin’ out loud. Truth is, there’s no turnin’ back now; I guess I shoulda learned to lie a little better.” In this feel good song that celebrates a crush or new love, Lucy proves her staying power with strong vocals and a knack for choosing the right songs to which she should lend her voice. We anticipate hearing this earworm on the radio in the weeks to come!

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