Attention Luke Bryan fans…he’s back in the studio!

Well, well, well…color me excited! Luke Bryan is back in the studio recording new music and get this…it’s gonna have a new sound!

“I have a backbone and a core group [of writers] that I really depend on, but I tell you what: It’s fun when I get an email of a song and I don’t know these writers on it,” Bryan tells “I’ll ask my producer, ‘Who is this kid?’ And, you know, there’s some 25-year-old kid that’s coming to town with all these fresh ideas. With me, I’m like, ‘Get that rascal out on the bus. Let me tap into his little reservoir.’”

“I love hearing a great song just as much as writing one,” Bryan maintains. “At the end of the day, I love having the ability to expedite the song getting written and then getting it in front of the fans and watching them react.”

He’s not sure just how many he will write or co-write on the new album so that’s something we will have to wait and see.

“The past two months, [we’ve been] really ramping up the writing, really starting to think about ideas and what I want to say. We’re all up in the middle of it,” he reveals. “We’re getting ready to go in and cut a few songs and see what we’ve got. I’m very excited about the process and getting the next album going.”

This gets me really excited for a couple reasons but the main reason is I feel there is so much more to Luke than his last album represented. I know, it debuted at # 1 and had massive sales success…but it’s Luke Bryan, wouldn’t he have that success anyway?

Only time will tell….but bottom line…new music isn’t that far away!

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